Yudthaphon Vichianin, Ph.D.

Date: Jan 2nd, 2024

I would like to share my work and major progress that we have made to improve ISRRT communications to reach out to our member worldwide.

The ISRRT website update and remake has been accomplished. The website is now ready to serve all radiographers and radiological technologists from everywhere. Various sections have been redesigned and relocated for the ease of access to all information at your fingertips. The blog section on the website (https://www.isrrt.org/blog/) is used in parallel to the ISRRT Facebook page to distribute all news to the members.

Live webinar on Facebook platform had come back for our professionals around the world after very successful series with 24 episodes during the year 2019-2021. Currently Steven Lacey, Director of Education and I have put together so far 4 episodes as listed here:

No Titles Date Reach
1 Let’s listen to our patients

Link here

September 17th , 2023 4848
2 The contribution of RTs in the CathLaB

Link here

October 29th , 2023 8500
3 Celebrating Patient Safety

Link here

Nov 8th , 2023 7748
4 Professional Culture in Radiography

Link here

December 17th , 2023 3028

The new platform “ISRRT e-Newsletter” for communication and public relations from the ISRRT has been established. This platform welcomes any news and updates from associated members and member societies around the world to share information to our profession.

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