The ISRRT is the international organization that represents societies of radiographers and radiological technologists. The structure under which the Society is organized and operated is also available on the website. A copy of the Statutes of the ISRRT which gives the aims and objectives of the ISRRT is available on demand by the CEO ( ).

The ISRRT is an international society of national radiological Societies or organizations that include radiological technologists or radiographers within their membership. This means that full membership is only open to national or regional organizations incorporating more than one country and not individuals.

To be eligible for ISRRT membership, a  Society must be national in its membership and have the same or similar objectives as the ISRRT. Should a Society be interested in applying for membership a copy of the constitution of the applying Society (in English) should be forwarded to the  CEO  of the ISRRT indicating an interest in membership. It will then be reviewed and advice given as to its similarity to that of the ISRRT. This copy will be kept by the secretariat for the files of the ISRRT. If a Society has similar objects as the ISRRT and wishes to apply for membership it will be necessary to obtain the support of two current member Societies who will have to propose and second the applicant society. To do this they will require copies of the constitution and full details on the work of the applying  Society (e.g. formal structure, financial status, organizational structure).

Application form can be downloaded from this website. It is not necessary for the form to be signed by the sponsoring societies as long as a letter confirming their sponsorship is received from them by the CEO. The nominating Societies are expected to support the applicant Society through the first membership years (e.g. encouragement to attend ISRRT activities, making payment dues on time, assisting in communications with other ISRRT members). The nominating Societies must also be prepared, if necessary, to financially support the applicant  Society for at least three years with their annual membership fees. Assistance in contacting suitable sponsoring member Societies is available.

Along with the completed application form, a completed Society information sheet and a cheque to cover the membership fee for the first year is required. This membership fee will be returned in full should the application for membership not be accepted.

If there is no Society in a country but a nucleus of members who can form a professional association it is strongly recommended that a professional organization be formed before applying for ISRRT membership. The statutes of the ISRRT are a good guideline to the organization of a society but should additional assistance be required this is available from the CEO.

If there are difficulties with the English language or the precise meanings of some of the sections are not understood please seek advice from the CEO as not all sections are necessary for a new Society. In some countries, the structure of organizations is quite different from those of the English speaking world. It is possible that a copy of the constitution of a professional  Society in the language of the applying country can be provided by the CEO.

Joining Fee and Annual Subscription:    50 pounds sterling for up to 100 members plus
16 pence per member in excess of 100 members

For further information please contact :