By the time of the 10th radiology World Congress in 1962, the Society was officially founded with Miss D. van Dijk of the Netherlands as the first President. Each of the 15 founder member societies nominated one person from its country to be their Council Member, thus forming the governing body of the International Society.

This award was approved in 2006 and is to be granted only at a World Congress and only with the unanimous agreement of the Board of Directors of the ISRRT.

This award is in honor of the contributions of Dien van Dijk, one of the founders of the ISRRT and who in 1962 become the first President of the ISRRT.  The objectives of which she upheld were to assist the education of radiographers and to support the development of medical radiation technology worldwide.  This award dedicated to her memory is to honor members of the ISRRT who have shown exceptional service and commitment to the ideals so powerfully demonstrated by Dien Van Dijk.

CRITERIA for nomination:

    1. 1. Exceptional service to the radiographic community.
    1. 2. Past or present holder of a recognized position in the ISRRT.
  1. 3. Recognized activities which reflect the founding principles of the ISRRT
    • Assistance in the education of radiographers
  • Assistance in the development of the profession of radiography in several countries.

Nominations to be made by any Council or Board member or other individual of a member society.  Individual nominated must meet all criteria.

Nominations will be submitted to the CEO who will convene a Committee composed of a Council representative from each of the regions to review and short list the applications received for consideration by the Board of Directors.

Award winners must be unanimously recommended by the Board of Directors.

Award to be presented at Congress Banquet.

This award may or may not be presented at each Congress.

Awardee 2010

Philippe Gerson Dian Van Dijk Award at the 2010 World congress

Philippe Gerson ISRRT Council member for the French Society from Paris France was awarded due to his tireless work in Africa since 1994. Philippe coordinated and participated in ISRRT workshops in many countries in Africa including Tanzania, Cameroon, Ivory Coast, Burkina Faso, and Gabon. Philippe also organized and participated in French Society workshops as well as Missions to Vietnam form 1999-2000. Also, in 2008 Philippe coordinated the Technologist program at ICR in Marrakech, Morocco on behalf of the ISRRT.

Marion Frank awarded the Dian Van Dijk Award at the 2010 World congress

Marion Frank who was a superintendent of Radiographer of the Middlesec Hospital, London and Principal of the Middlesex School of Radiography. She was a past President of SoR and received the OBE for services to radiography in the UK and throughout the world.  Marion Frank is known for fostering many overseas students during her time at Middlesex and still offer them accommodations more than 25 years later when they are traveling back to London. Her focus continues to be on the International aspects of radiography.

Marion is personally known for her activities over the years related to international education. Marion Frank is a past ISRRT board member and maintains an interest in all ISRRT activities.

Awardee 2018


Announcement: Dr Cynthia Cowling  awarded the DIEN VAN DIJK AWARD

Dear ISRRT members,
We would like to inform you that the Dien Van Dijk award 2018 was granted to Dr Cynthia Cowling.

Our rationale for awarding the DIEN VAN DIJK AWARD to Cynthia Cowling is aligned with the criteria as outlined on the ISRRT website but was also based on her systematic contributions and efforts towards the enhancement of radiographers and the promotion of radiography and research from various positions she has held in education and practice.

The ISRRT board’s decision is substantiated by Ms Cowling’s:

    • active involvement in contextualizing and delivering curriculum for radiography students in tertiary institutions
    • lifelong support and promotion of the radiography profession in Africa, India, Asia and Arabic countries where among others she assisted in the education of radiographers with the coordination of education programs in Durban, Trinidad (Caribbean region), Tanzania and western Pacific in Fiji
    • dedicated work as a consultant for the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) where she designed an associate degree program in radiography in Guyana and coordinated workshops in Uganda and Haiti.
    • focused workshops in improving the practice of radiography worldwide, including 84-member countries during her term as ISRRT Director of education from 2006 till 2014
    • constructive leadership as chairperson of the World Radiography Education Trust Foundation WRETF since 2014.
    • article “Global review of radiography” (Radiography 19:2 May 2013 p.90-91), by which valuable information has been distributed toward the up scaling of radiography ranking in the International Labor Office (ILO) Qualification Framework
  • input for the production of self-accreditation tools and social media as a means of interactive professional development in radiography

We feel, Ms Cowling’s has achieved so much for our profession and thus is worthy of the Dien Van Dijk award.

Read Dr’s Cyntia Cowling Bio here