ISRRT Positions Statements are defined global recommendations relating to a number of important aspects in the delivery of Radiographic services as expressed by the ISRRT representing radiographers/radiologic technologists.

The statements are used to define appropriate practice in our profession and are published periodically following consultation between the ISRRT Board and Council.

These statements are available for member organizations in countries across the world to be used to help promote high quality of a practice in the Radiography or Radiation Therapy profession.

ISRRT positions statements cover a variety of professional areas of practice are based on foundational research and agreed safe working practices.

Any member society, ISRRT committee or the ISRRT board has the opportunity to draft proposed position statements which are then brought before the ISRRT council for consensus.

Stakeholders outside our profession may use these position statements as an overview of the roles and responsibilities of professionals in our profession