Chesney-ISRRT Research Fund

 The ISSRT Board of Management is delighted to announce that a large legacy of £232,000 has been left from the estate of the Chesney Twins who sadly passed away in recent years.

 Muriel, and her twin sister Noreen were famous in the world of Radiography and were joint authors of several radiography papers and textbooks, including Radiographic Anatomy of the Chest and Abdomen;   Radiographic Photography; Care of the Patient in Diagnostic Radiography; and X-Ray Equipment for Student Radiographers.

Both were great supporters of ISRRT and Muriel following her retirement continued to be involved in the profession as an active member of the ISRRT as well as attending congresses and events throughout Europe. Both co-edited the ISRRT’s newsletter along.

 The legacy came as a complete surprise and following careful deliberations the ISRRT Board has agreed to donate 10% to the World Radiography Education Trust Foundation  with  the balance invested to generate an annual income stream to support radiography based research which will be called the ‘Chesney-ISRRT Research Fund’.

This will put ISRRT Radiographer based research on the map with a ring-fenced pot of money to support the aims and objectives of the ISRRT in   promoting research.

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