Dr. Napapong Pongnapang is an assistant professor at the Department of Radiological
Technology at Mahidol University in Thailand. He is also an adjunct senior lecturer in
Medical Imaging and Radiation Sciences at Monash University in Australia.
He received bachelor’s degree in Radiological Technology from Mahidol University
in Thailand. He finished his PhD in medical physics from University of Texas Health
Sciences Center at San Antonio in USA. He holds dual professional qualifications as
licensed radiological technologist and medical physicist, practicing in Thailand. His
main teaching and research areas are diagnostic radiological physics, quality
management in radiology and operational health physics.
Napapong is an international advisory committee member of the Quality Standard for
Imaging, QSI of the UK Royal College of Radiologist. He is also a committee
member of the Quality and Safety Committee of the Asian Oceanian Society of
In Thailand, Napapong is an honorary member of the Royal College of Radiologist of
the Kingdom of Thailand, the executive committee member for the Thai Medical
Physicists Society and education directors for both Radiological Society of Thailand
and Thai Society of Radiological Technologists.
Napapong has been involved with international organizations such as the International
Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), as an expert in numbers of international and regional

Katsifarakis Dimitris

Consultant CEO


Master of Health Sciences (MHS)
National School of Public Health, Athens
Received with High Distinction.

Registered theoretical and clinical instructor
National School of Public Health, Athens

Radiological Technologist (BSc)
School of health Professions, Technological Educational Institution of   Athens Greece (TEI)

Post graduate Courses

Social Media Expert on inbound methodology
Hubspot Academy (www.

Staff Management-Organization of Public Services

National School of Public Administration, Athens.

Working relationships in public health sector and E.U.’ Issues

National School of Public Administration, Athens

Radiation Protection Supervisor

School of Radiography of the Central Middlesex Hospital of London, UK.


ERASMUS scholarship funded by the EEC

Guy’s Hospital, Leeds General Infirmary, Royal Brompton Hospital, King’s College Hospital) and visit to the Society and the College of Radiography, London

Professional Carrier

Retired after having completed 35,5 years of  work in  the Public Health Sector.  

Advisor to the General Director of the 2nd Hellenic Health Care District.

Chief Executive Officer of the General Hospital of Mytilene (Lesvos) and General Hospital of Lemnos

Appointed CEO by the Minister of Heath

Manager of the Professions Supplementary to medicine

Tzaneio State Hospital, Athens

Head of the Radiography staff 

Attikon University Hospital, Athens

Deputy Manager of professions Supplementary to medicine

Tzaneio State Hospital, Athens

Superintendent Radiographer in charge

Cardiac Imaging Suite at the Tzaneio Hospital, Athens

Teaching experience

Lecturer at the National School of Public Health Athens. 

Master’s degree courses of “Medical use of the ionizing radiation: Radiation injuries from ionizing Radiation”.

Instructor on “Health and Safety issues on the Laboratory working environment”.

Post graduate course of the Center of Vocational Training of “Evangelismos General Hospital” of Athens.

Instructor on “Use of the biomedical technology for the primary care units”  

Post graduate course of the Center of Vocational Training of “Metaxa Cancer Hospital” Piraeus.

Invited lecturer on “Radiation Protection, Quality Assurance of the imaging procedure and Ethics” 

Radiography Program Tartu Medical School, Estonia.

Lecturer on “Radiation protection of the staff in a cancer hospital, Radionuclide accident during patient’s treatment” 

Post graduate course of the Center of Vocational Training of “Metaxa Cancer hospital” Piraeus.

Instructor  on “Training of junior radiographers to on Quality imaging and radiation protection ” 

Post graduate program of the Center of Vocational Training of “Tzaneio hospital” Piraeus..

Project Manager  on the “Training of junior radiographers to newer Imaging modalities” 

Post-graduate program, of the Center of Vocational Training of “Tzaneio hospital” Piraeus.

Instructor on “Radiographic Image’s interpretation”, at   the post graduate program, 

Center of Vocational Training of “Sismanogleio hospital” of Athens.

Instructor on the subject of “ethics and professional behavior of the radiographer as a health professional”  

Post graduate Course of  the Center of Vocational Training of “Sismanogleio Hospital” of Athens: “Vocational training of unemployment radiographers”.

Instructor on the subject of “ethics and professional behavior of the radiographer as a health professional”  

Post graduate Course of  the Center of Vocational Training of “Sismanogleio Hospital” of Athens: “Vocational training of unemployment radiographers.”

Project Manager of the course “Vocational training of unemployment radiographers”

Center of Vocational Training “Sismanoglio Hospital of Athens.

Instructor on “Pediatric diagnostic imaging: The child is not a small adult” 

Post- graduate course for radiographers of the Center of Vocational Training “Agia Sophia Children Hospital” of Athens.

Instructor on “Deterioration of the radiation dose to patient during conventional X-ray examination”

Post graduate Course of the Center of Vocational Training at “Tzaneio hospital” Greece.

Project Manager of the program of studies

“ASKLEPIOS S.A.”  School for X-ray machine users in Athens.

Lecturer on the module of “Radiographic Principles”

School of Radiological Technologists, Technological Educational Institution – TEI (Athens Greece).

Professional and Scientific activities

ISRRT’s representative expert to the IAEA’s “Workshop for the development of harmonized QC Protocols for diagnostic Radiology”


ISRRT’s representative to the HERCA meeting on “Justification of Medical Exposures in Europe” 

Hosted by the IAEA, Vienna.

ISRRT’s representative to the “Technical Meeting of Justification of medical Exposure and the Use of appropriateness Criteria”

Organized by the IAEA, Vienna.

ISRRT’s representative to the “WHO/IRPA/IOMP workshop on Radiation Protection safety Culture”. 

Hosted in WHO headquarters, Geneva.

ISRRT’s representative to the “Holland Association Symposium”. 

Held  by HAS, Amsterdam

Invited expert to advice the IAEA on the “Review of Audit requirements regarding the QUADRIIL Document”, 

IAEA, Vienna

ISRRT’s representative to the “Technical Meeting of Justification of medical Exposure and the Use of appropriateness Criteria” 

Organized by the IAEA in Vienna

ISRRT’s representative to the HERCA meeting on “Justification of Medical Exposures in Europe”

Hosted in FANC, Brussels.

ISRRT’s representative to the “Technical Meeting of Justification of medical Exposure and the Use of appropriateness Criteria” 

Organized by the IAEA in Vienna.

Moderator of the scientific session on “Smart Hospital Organization” of the annual congress of Hellenic Hospital Managers. 

Organized by the Hellenic Association of Hospital Managers, Athens.

Moderator of the session “Evidence based practice in medical imaging: a tool to improve the quality of care”, 

ECR 2014, Vienna.

Moderator of the two Scientific Sessions  at the 18th ISRRT World Congress 

ISRRT, Helsinki.

ISRRT’s representative to the Nordic Radiology  Congress 

Bergen, Norway.

ISRRT’s representative to the “Technical Meeting on the Smart Card /Smart Tracking Dose project”

Organized by the IAEA, Vienna.

ISRRT’s representative to the “15th Italian conference of Rad. Technologists”.

Rimini, Italy.

Participation as member of the working group on interventional procedures representing ISRRT- EFRS.

Assembly of EMAN-ALARA project, Vienna.

Member of the working group to the EMAN Workshop on Occupational exposures optimization


ISRRT’s representative to the “Technical Meeting on long Term Recording of Patient Doses in diagnostic and interventional procedures”

Organized by the IAEA, Vienna.

ISRRT’s representative to the “International Conference on Radiation Protection in medicine”, Medical University of Varna.

Committee member for Interventional Radiology (representing ISRRT-EFRS) to the EMAN_ALARA Project.

Chairman of the Scientific Subcommittee “Radiographers” at ECR 2008.

ECR , Vienna

President of the PanHellenic Society of Radiological Technologists.

ISRRT’s representative to the 10th European ALARA network Workshop,  

ALARA network,, Prague.

ISRRT’s representative   to the Board Meeting of the European ALARA Network ALARA network (, Paris.

ISRRT’s Director of Professional Matters, Europe-Africa region.

Re-elected member of the Scientific Council of the Tzaneio State Hospital.

Chairman   of the “3rd PanHellenic Radiography Congress”.

Chairman of the Ethics Committee of the Hellenic Scientific Society of Radiologic Technologists.

Vice-President of the PanHellenic Society of Radiologic Technologists.

Member elected, of the Scientific Council of the Tzaneio State Hospital, as a representative of the non-medical scientific staff.

Moderator at a Scientific Session   of the ECR 2000.

ECR2000, Vienna.

Moderator of the session “Research in radiography”

ECR97, Vienna.

President of the PanHellenic Society of Radiologic Technologists. 

Member of the Scientific Committee at the “Radiology Centennial 95”

Xth Conference of ISRRT, Amsterdam.

Moderator of the session: «The handling of multi trauma patient” 

ECR95, Vienna.

Member of the Scientific Subcommittee “Radiographers” 

ECR, Vienna.

Chairman of the local Organizing Committee of the “9th International Teachers’ Seminar of ISRRT”. 

Itea, Greece.

Board member of the PanHellenic society of Radiologic  Technologists.

Council Member of ISRRT representing the Pan-Hellenic Society of Radiol. Technologists.


D. Katsifarakis: “Health Economic Systems: How Do They Influence Radiology?” V15 – Issue 4, 2015.  

Available  at…

D. Katsifarakis “Safety Culture Practice by the Radiographer/RT in Europe and the influence of the ISRRT to that” 

News and Views, ISRRT, August 2015, p.32-33.

D. Katsifarakis “Smart Card/Smart Tracking Dose project: How aware are we of it?”

News and Views, ISRRT, April 2014, p. 50-51.

D. Katsifarakis: “Evolution of the EU radiation protection legislation: An overview”

News and Views, ISRRT, November 2013, p.52-53.

D. Katsifarakis (2000). ”Principles of radiographic imaging”, 156 pages.

Greek language, Athens.

D. Katsifarakis “Quality control of the Image processing” in G. Malachias and all: “Quality assurance of the X-ray department”. 

160 pages (Greek language), Athens..

D. Katsifarakis (1995): “Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen. A brief presentation of the life of a great scientist”.

Health Review 6(37) 53-55, Athens.
20 publications regarding health professions and medical profession specialties
On the quarterly issued journal “Health Review”, Athens.

Editor in Chief of the journal “Medical Imaging” 

Professional journal of the Panhellenic Society of Radiological Technologists, Athens.
D. Katsifarakis (1992): “Professional framework of the radiological technologists: Trade union utopia or a real need?”
Health Review 3(16), 64-65.
D. Katsifarakis (1990): “Is measurable the diagnostic value of a radiograph?”
Health Review 1:5, 45-47.
D. Katsifarakis: “Quality Control” (Chapter 23).
in K. Skaliotis:”The theory and the technique of the medical radiography”, 2nd edition.

D. Katsifarakis, S. Laskas (1985):”Radiological examination of the skull”: 

Hellenic Radiation Technology 1 :( 2).

Presentations in International Scientific meetings

Invited lecturer and member of the Scientific Committee of the “TARAD 2015”  Seminar on radiation protection: “Clinical audit in radiology and the role of the Radiologic technologist on it”, and “European Union’s Directives on radiation protection and their impact to the radiography profession in Europe”.

Organized by the Uskudar University, 19-20 December, Istanbul, Turkey.

Invited lecturer on “QA/QC and Clinical audit for radiographers working in diagnostic radiology (theoretical and practical)” 

IAEA’s regional training course, 18-21 May, Prague..

Invited speaker on “Professional challenges of the 21rst cent. in Europe and the respond of the Radiographer’s CPD to them”. 

11th Ulusal Radyotechnoloji Kongresi” organized by TMRT-DER , Antalya, Turkey.

Invited speaker on “The influence of the health economics systems on radiology” 

ECR2015, Vienna.

Invited speaker on “European Directives on Radiation Protection” 

Symposium of medical Imagine and radiation protection, organized by the Aydin University of Istanbul, Turkey.

Invited lecturer on “Radiobiology and Radiation protection in Interventional Radiology” 

Workshop co-sponsored by ISRRT and EFRS in Kaunas Lithuania.

Invited speaker on: “Sharing experience in day-to-day practice of the supporting staff in interventional radiology departments”. 

Refresher Course at CIRSE 2010, Valencia Spain.

ISRRT’s representative  and speaker on “Improving ALARA culture in Europe: R.T’s perspective” 

International Conference on Radiation Protection in medicine, Varna.

Invited speaker on “Overview of EU and EURATOM legislation for radiographers / technologists” 

GE Healthcare’s Symposium Vienna.

Invited speaker on “Workplace safety and environment of care: Consideration for the Radiologic Technologist”. 

GE Healthcare Satellite symposium during ISRRT/ASRT Conference, USA.

Invited speaker on “Health and safety in the medical imaging environment: the impact of the EU legislation” 

GE Healthcare Satellite symposium Vienna.

Refresher course’s speaker on “Ethical Issues for imaging professionals” 

ECR2003, Vienna.

Refresher course’s speaker on “Effective communication on radiation risk: Concepts and techniques for radiographers”. 

AMSRAY XII ISRRT World Congress, Amsterdam.

Invited speaker on “Radiology waste management: practices and legislation” 

2eme Congress European Radiographers Saint Etienne, France.

Moderator at a session of the ECR 2000.

Invited speaker on “Radiographers as gate-keepers in dose reduction”

“6eme Journee Stefanoise Radiological Technologists, Saint Etienne-France.


Refresher course’s speaker on  “Radiographers as gate keepers in patient dose reduction”  

ECR’99, Vienna.
Speaker on “Evaluation of the scattered dose radiation delivered during coronary angiography and percutaneous transluminal coronary angioplasty”.
Xth European-African Conference of the ISRRT, The Hague.

Speaker on “Producing a wire model of Cardiac vessels to teach junior Radiographer in the Cardiac laboratory”. 

IXth European – African Conference ISRRT, Vienna.

Speaker on “Radiographer’s Education in Greece”

“9th International Teacher’s Seminar, ISRRT/WHO Itea Greece.

Invited speaker on “Professional profile of the Greek Radiologic Technologist” 

5th Congress of the Portuguese Society of radiographers, Lisbon.

ISRRT’s meetings Participation as a Council member

ISRRT’s European sub region Council Meeting, Brighton.

ISRRT’s European sub region Council Meeting, Reykjavik.

ISRRT’s European sub region Council Meeting, Tallinn.

ISRRT’s European sub region Council Meeting, Malta.

ISRRT’s European sub region council Meeting, Amsterdam.

ISRRT’s European sub region Council Meeting, Chalkida, Greece.

ISRRT’s European sub region Council Meeting, Bruce, Belgium

ISRRT’s European sub region Council Meeting,Lisbon,Portugal

Regional meeting of the ISRRT on “The role of Radiographer in Europe”
Oslo, Norway.

“Meeting C.E.C – National Societies of European Radiographers”, 3 – 4/12, Luxemburg.

European region ISRRT’s meeting on  “The role of Radiographer in Europe”
Zeist – the Netherlands

HENRE meetings (Professional sub-group)

The Higher Education Network for Radiography in Europe (HENRE),

Professional’s working group meeting, Halkida, Greece.
The Higher Education Network for Radiography in Europe (HENRE).
General Assembly, Malta.

The Higher Education Network for Radiography in Europe (HENRE),
Professional’s working group meeting,  Nicosia, Cyprus.

The Higher Education Network for Radiography in Europe (HENRE)
Professional’s working group meeting, Stockholm.

Presentations in Scientific meetings in Greece

“The contribution of digital imaging to the rationalization of resources of the hospital”

Round table discussion during the 18th Radiology Congress, Athens,

”Supply chain in the imaging department” 

Conference on Hospital Management, Athens

“E.U. Directives on health and safety in ionizing radiation departments” 

2nd Hellenic Congress for Health and safety at work, Alexandroupoli.

“Radiographer’s role in modern demanding times” 

18th Inter- university Radiology Congress University of Ioannina.

“Quality Functioning of the Imaging department: Opportunities and Threats”. 

Symposium of the Union of Private Practiced Radiologists, Athens.

“Radiation Protection in the Cardiac Suite”

Symposium of the Hellenic Heart Society, Athens.

“Ethical Issues on imaging procedure” 

4rth Radiography Symposium, Chalkida.

“The history of written  imaging report from the U.K. Radiographers”

3rd PanHellenic Congress on Health Service Management, Thessaloniki.

“Total Quality management: The establishment of the quality criteria”

2th Radiology Congress, Athens.

‘Total quality management in imaging department”

Seminar by the Red Cross hospital, Athens.

“EURATOM Directive 97/43”

Round table discussion, on the “ 9th inter-university radiology congress” University of Athens, Athens.

“Radiographer: Health Care Professional or just worker?” 

Hellenic conference organized by the Pan-Hellenic Society of Rad. Technologists, Volos .

“Quality assurance in diagnostic imaging: utopia or real need?”

Conference, of the “Aglaia Kyriakos Children Hospital”, Athens.

“Accurate diagnosis: A procedure of valuable information collection -Role of the Radiographer” 

Congress on the  «European Hospital», Athens .

”Estimation of functional costs in the cardio-angio suite” 

Presentation on study day, organized by the journal “Health Review” Athens.

“Practical issues on radiation protection”. 

Thematic Conference, “Radiation protection to daily practice”, Giannitsa.

“Role of the Radiographer in Magnetic Resonance” 

9th Radiology Congress, Athens 1993

“Artifacts form the processing. The Radiographer’s contribution”

2nd Seminar of PASTA, April, 1993.

“Role of the Radiographer in the Cardiac Suite” 

1st Hellenic Symposium of Radiography, Athens.


“Quality control of the processor” 

Seminar for Radiographers, on Quality Assurance in radiography, Giannitsa.

“Sensitometer: Film screen system” 
1rst PanHellenic Seminar for Radiographers on Quality Assurance in radiography, Itea.

“Quality Assurance Program: Why we need it?” 

2ο Hellenic Radiography Congress with International participation.  Athens.

“Anti-scatter grids, physical and radiographic characteristics”

7th Hellenic Radiology Congress, Thessaloniki.

“Radiographers on the field of Diagnostic imaging, nuclear medicine and radiotherapy” 

Discussion during  the 5th Hellenic Radiology Congress,Athens.

Member of Committees of the Greek Ministry of Health

Member to the Special Committee for the Ionizing radiation of ministry of Health, as representative of the Greek Radiologic Technologists .
Greek law 3868, article 23.

Committee member examining the terms and conditions of given professional recognition to the Greek radiographers,
Ministry of Health, 1999

Philippe Gerson


Philippe qualified as a radiographer in 1981 at the hospital Hotel Dieu , the oldest hospital in Europe. The hospital was built in the year 651 and is close to Notre Dame Cathedral. Philippe became Chief Radiographer in 1990. From 2005  to 2015 He managed the Department of Radiology which, since 2005,  includes the management of nuclear medicine and functional explorations.

Now he is  the coordinator  of all  the paramedical staff ( radiographer , nurses …)of his hospital .

Philippe  was ISRRT ‘ s council member for France between 1995 and  2010 and Regional Co-ordinator Public Relations  for Europe and Africa from 2002 to 2005. Thanks to the late Marion Frank  and  Adrian Finch Philippe he has been very involved in Africa. Philippe has been very active in this part of the world organizing several workshops and conferences in Tanzania  Burkina Faso , Cameroon, Ivory Coast , Gabon, Benin ,Togo Congo  and the next one in September in Senegal .

He has been appointed by the French Red Cross as an expert to set up Radiology Departments  in Health Day Care Centres for AIDS  in Africa specially in Congo, Niger, Burkina Faso, and Gabon. Philippe has also organised one workshop in Vietnam in 2000 and was appointed by the University of Hai Duong in Vietnam as consultant  in 2009 .

He has been nominated as ISRRT vice president for Europe and Africa  during the world congress in Australia and alos received the marion frank award there .
Since  the last  ISRRT world congress ( Trinitad ) he is the new  ISRRT treasurer.

Philippe is an active member of the French Society  of Radiographers (AFPPE)  and has been Vice President since 2009 and Director of the International Relationship Department since 1995. He has been invited as guest speaker in many countries all over the world and presented several times  papers about his activities in Africa , research in radiology in works of Art  and his tragic experience about terrorists attacks ( novemeber paris 2015 )

Philippe is married to Frederique who helps him now in the ISRRT and during the workshops In Africa . Philippe ‘s hobbies are “like a good  French man”, cooking and tasting wines and watching a rugby match on Saturday afternoon is one of his great pleasure for the week end.

Alain Cromp

Vice President  The Americas

Alain Cromp graduated from Ahuntsic College in Montreal in 1973 as a Radiological Technologist. After graduation he worked in the field of angiography and then became a clinical instructor and a teacher in radiology for ten years. In 1985 he became the CEO of the Quebec College of Medical Imaging, Radiation Oncology and Medical Electrophysiology Technologists (OTIMROEPMQ). Alain is also president of the Alliance of Medical Radiation Technologists Regulators of Canada. He has served on many Boards of Directors in the radiology community.
He holds a bachelor degree in education and a masters degree in public administration.
He is also the recipient of five major awards: the Dr Marshall Mallet Lamp of Knowledge, the Welch Memorial Lecture and Life Membership of the CAMRT, the Accolade prize from the Canadian Society of Association Executives and the “Technologue Emerite” from the OTIMROEPMQ.
Alain is actively involved in promoting the future of the profession of Medical Imaging and Radiation-oncology Technologists.

Tan Chek Wee

Vice President Asia/Australasia

Chek Wee is the Principal Radiotherapist at the National University Cancer Institute, Singapore. She received her Diploma in Radiography (Radiotherapy) at the School of Radiography, Bachelor of Science in Radiographic Studies from London Southbank University and Bachelor of Science (Econs) in Management Studies at London University. She is also a certified Medical Dosimetrist with the America Dosimetry Certification Board. She is currently pursuing her Master in Radiotherapy Planning.
Chek Wee has been the president of the Singapore Society of Radiographers (SSR) since 2010 and also served as Honorary Secretary for SSR from 1998 – 2002 and 2005 – 2007. She was elected as Regional Co-ordinator for Public Relations for the Asia/Australasia Region of the ISRRT between 2006 – 2010. Chek Wee is currently actively involved in the implementation committee for the Ministry of Health Singapore and also a member of the Accreditation Committee for the Allied Health Profession in Singapore since 2014.

Hakon Hjemly

Vice President Europe Africa

Håkon Hjemly professional background

Håkon Hjemly is Manager of Policy at the Norwegian Society of Radiographers. His main responsibilities for the society are related to professional role development of radiographers and to health political issues and has held the position since 2008. He has a master degree in clinical health, focusing on role development for radiographers, and post graduate education in both digital imaging processing and in x-ray protection. Prior to the work for his Society, he had variety of roles in both private and public sector in Norway; Clinical Radiographer, QA-administrator, Manager, Radiation Protection Officer, Product Specialist and Sales Representative (CT, Mammography and C-arm). He was a pioneer in identifying pitfalls and establishing quality assurance controls regarding the process in digitalisation of medical imaging, at several x-ray departments in Norway. He has been chairing and delivering a high number of presentations at national and international conferences. Håkon was elected member of the EFRS election committee in 2010, but stepped out when nominated (and later elected) for Treasurer in the 2011-2014 board term. He held the role of EFRS Vice President for 2014-2015 and President 2015-2017.

Tim Agadakos

Regional Director Europe

Surname : Agadakos
First Name : Euthimios (Tim)
Date of birth : 23rd of January 1971
Place of birth : Sydney, Australia
Address : Miriofitou 59, Egaleo, 14222, Athens, Greece
Phone :+306976574767

Mr AGADAKOS Euthimios or Tim as known by most, is the president of the Panhellenic Society of Radiological Technolo-gists since 2010,  and an associate clinical lecturer of the West Attica University. His major areas of interest are CT, radiation protection, patient safety. He is committed to promoting CPD, continuous quality improvement in medical imaging and radiographer role development.

He received his secondary education in Pireaus, Greece. His professional history as a radiographer begins in the late 80s, when Tim returned to Sydney to continue his studies. His ter-tiary education was completed with a degree in Medical Radia-tion Technology (Diagnostic Radiography) at Sydney University. In 2011, he was awarded a MSc in Health Services Management from the National School of Public Health in Athens. Currently he is completing his PhD thesis in Medicine at the University of Athens.

His employment appointments include a 5 year period where he was a practicing radiographer and ultrasonographer in various private practices in Sydney.

In 1995, when he relocated to Athens, he commenced working in a large teaching hospital as a diagnostic radiographer. He is currently the chief radiographer of the Medical Imaging Department and has been working in the CT unit since its establishment in 1999. He recently designed and established CT protocols on a 128 MSCT system whilst benchmarking departmental Diagnostic Reference Levels (DRL) compared to the national DRLs. Tim is also a key member of the department’s ISO working group and the PACS committee. He has also developed technical specifications of medical imaging  systems for public procurement. In 2017, he was elected on the hospital’s scientific council.

All these years, he has been actively involved in national and European scientific congresses with presentations in ECR 2004 and ECR 2008, ESUR 2009, CIRSE 2010, ECMP 2016 as a speaker, moderator, and a member of both scientific and organizing committees. In 2016 and 2017 he was the ISRRT delegate at the HERCA MultiStakeholder workshops where he presented ISRRT’s statements and flow chart model on justification by radiographers. In 2017 he observed the IAEA meeting on Unintended and Accidental Medical Exposures.

Furthermore he designs, delivers and evaluates health care CPD programs for the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare. Euthimios is a registered educator in healthcare by the National Organisation for the Certification of Qualifications and Vocational Guidance (Greece) and is often invited to design and deliver CPD programs in Educational Institutions of both, the public and private sector.

In addition, he represents radiographers’ interests as a voting member in special governmental committees.


Elizabeth Olasunkanmi Balogun

Regional Director Africa

DIR (Yaba), BSc (Edin), MSc (Leeds)
Chief Radiographer Radiology Department
National Orthopaedic Hospital Igbobi Lagos

P.M.B. 2009. Yaba, Lagos
Visiting Lecturer, Dept of Medical Radiography, Bayero University, Kano, Nigeria

E-mail :

Graduated in 1997 with a Diploma from the then Federal School of Radiography, Yaba, Lagos. The school is now a department of Radiography in the University of Lagos, Nigeria. The desire to learn more and be relevant in training younger Radiographers led to further education.

Elizabeth gained a BSc from the Queen Margaret University in Scotland and MSc Medical Imaging from the University of Leeds in the United Kingdom. She is a deputy director Radiography with the National Orthopaedic Hospital as well as being a visiting lecturer to the Radiography Department of both Lead City and Ajayi Crowther University, in Ibadan and Oyo respectively. She has also served on several committees such as curriculum drafting, investigative as well as disciplinary committee.

Elizabeth is committed to the Association of Radiographers of Nigeria (ARN) in which she progressed through the ranks and became the President from 2017-2019. She started out as a student member and volunteer during the annual conference to serving as Assistant Secretary to becoming the National Secretary in 2007. She is presently a Past President of ARN. The journey with the ISRRT began in 2006 as an Associate member, Council member in 2012 and elected Regional Co-ordinator for Professional Practice for Africa in 2014-2022.

Elizabeth is married to a professor of  Radiology and blessed with four children.

Yudthaphon Vichianin, Ph.D.

Director of Public Relations and Communication

Dr. Yudthaphon Vichianin graduated from Mahidol University with the degree of Bachelor of Sciences (B.Sc.) in Radiological Technology in 1995. He pursued his study and received his Master of Sciences in Information Technology (MSIT) at Mahidol University in 2000. He was granted a Royal Thai Government Scholarship to continue his study and received his Master of Sciences in Information System (MSIS) from Hawai’i Pacific University in 2003 and a doctoral degree in Communication and Information Sciences from University of Hawai’i, Manoa in 2007.
Currently, Yudthaphon is a lecturer and the secretary of the Master of Sciences degree program in Radiological Technology at the Faculty of Medical Technology, Mahidol University in Bangkok, Thailand.
Yudthaphon’s has focused his professional expertise upon the intersection of ICTs, radiation technology, and education.  He is highly active in the Thai Society of Radiological Technologists (TSRT) giving numerous training classes in PACS and MIIA certification preparation. He also teaches at numbers of universities in Thailand as an invited lecturer.

Naoki Kodama

Regional Director Asia/Australasia

Dr. Naoki Kodama is a professor of Department of Radiological Technology, Faculty of Medical Technology, Niigata University of Health and Welfare in Niigata city, Japan.  Before that, he worked in Department of Medical Informatics, Faculty of Health and Welfare, Takasaki University of Health and Welfare, Japan, from 2004 to 2017. He received his Bachelor’s degree in Medical Science from Suzuka University of Medical Science in 1999. He holds a Master’s degree in Engineering from Nagaoka University of Technology in 2001. He received his doctoral degree in Engineering from Institute of Biomedical Engineering, Nagaoka University of Technology in 2004.

Kodama’s professional expertise includes; Medical Imaging Analysis, Near-infrared Spectroscopy, Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy and Radiological Technologist Education.

He holds professional qualifications as a licensed Radiological Technologists and Radiation Protection Supervisor. Kodama has been the director of the Japan Association of Radiological Technologists (JART) since 2006, and vice-president of the Japan Society of Education for Radiological Technologists since 2008. He received 6 awards for his research and education, including Summa Cum Laude Award of Bachelor of Science Degree from Suzuka University of Medical Science, Best Paper Award from Japan Society of Education for Radiological Technologists, Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Welfare Foundation Prize from Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Welfare Foundation and Certificate of Merit Award for Education Exhibit at the 96th Scientific Assembly and Annual Meeting of Radiological Society of North America (RSNA).

Donna L. Long

Regional Director The Americas

Donna is the director of Health Sciences Education for Indiana University Health Methodist Hospital in Indianapolis, Indiana. She received an associate degree in radiologic technology, a bachelor’s degree in health services management and a master’s degree in management. Donna said that she is fortunate to have had to the opportunity to work in a variety of roles throughout her career including staff radiographer, fluoroscopy supervisor, administrative director of radiology, sales, equipment applications and education. Donna served on the Board of Directors for the American Society of Radiologic Technologists for nine years as vice speaker (3 years), speaker (2 years), secretary-treasurer, president-elect, president and chairman of the board. She has served on numerous committees for the ASRT and was elevated to Fellow in 1994 and received Life Membership in 2019. She is also a Life Member, past president and an active member of the Indiana Society of Radiologic Technologists. Donna served as the ISRRT council member for the United States for 8 years prior to being elected to her current position as the Regional Director for The Americas.

Edward Hung Tat CHAN

Director of Professional practice

Edward Hung Tat CHAN
Senior Radiographer, The University of Hong Kong Shenzhen Hospital; Vice
President, Hong Kong College of Radiographers and Radiation Therapists
Phone: +852-92026504
Address: 1, Haiyuan 1st Road, Futian District,
Post Code:518053

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Stephen Lacey

Director of Education

Name: Stephen Lacey

Address: 19 Spring St East
Port Melbourne
Victoria, 3207

Telephone: Work: 9345 4072
Mobile 0404 195 980


D.O.B: 8th March 1979

Career Objective
To further my experience in management areas to maintain and develop a high-quality imaging service, with the patient as the number one priority. I endeavour to continue to create professional challenges with the objective of improving departmental structure.

Education and Training
Diploma of Education (Science and Physics) – La Trobe University (2006)
Teaching Placements
o Salesian College, Sunbury
o Gisborne Secondary College
Diploma of Teaching English as a Foreign Language – I-to-I, London (2005)
Bachelor of Applied Science in Medical Radiations – RMIT University (2001)
o Internship – St Vincent’s Hospital (2002)
Victorian Certificate of Education
Highview Christian Community College, Maryborough (1997)

Work Experience and Skills
Medical Imaging

February 2022 – Present Allied Health Education Fellow Royal Children’s Hospital

➢ RCH Education Hub Podcasts
o Host of “Conversation with the experts” show
o Founder and host of “Teach, Think, Treat” show for clinical education

➢ Research
o Current project on the effect of Covid on the clinical abilities of Medical Imaging students

➢ Participation
o Construction and implementation of a team-building Escape Room
o Assisting in running the RCH STEP to Clinical Education Program

➢ Education
o Development of Medical Imaging education modules for ward staff to improve communication between wards and Medical Imaging June 2009 – Present Tutor Radiographer Royal Children’s Hospital

➢ Paediatric Examinations
o General, mobile & emergency x-ray – Shimadzu Wireless Digital Radiography
o EOS – For full leg and full spine radiographic imaging
o Computed Tomography – Siemens Flash
o Theatre – Philips Pulsera and Veradius
o Fluoroscopy – Philips Eleva and Siemens Artis
o Angiography – Siemens Artis Zee

➢ Paediatric Medical Imaging Education
o Tutor and Mentor to student and intern radiographers, and junior qualified radiographers
o Development of student and intern education program for radiography students and interns rotating to RCH
o Development of Medical Imaging staff education program and appellation through ASMIRT
o Logging and maintenance of staff CPD activities within the department
o Paediatric Imaging education to metropolitan and regional clinical centres
o Radiation awareness education to hospital staff
o Practical Laboratory Supervisor – RMIT University
o Sessional Paediatric Radiography Lecturer – RMIT, Monash University and Deakin University
o Assessor at OSCE Practical examinations for Medical Imaging Students – Deakin University
o Supervision of students for research projects and literature reviews

➢ Information technology
o Fuji Synapse Picture Archiving and Communication Systems (PACS)
o Karisma Radiology Information System (RIS)
o EPIC Electronic Medical Records (EMR)

➢ Other tasks
o Radiographer roster construction and maintenance
o Perform Performance Development and Assessment Program (PDAP) for all Grade 1, 2 and 3 MITs
o Preparation of Medical Imaging Department for Accreditation
o Various quality assurance initiatives, including the daily staff “huddle”, “Image of the Month”, Student Feedback surveys and Medical Imaging Newsletter. December 2015 – December 2017 Research Fellow Murdoch Children’s Research Institute

➢ Quality and Safety Guideline Development for World Health Organisation – Chest Radiographs in Epidemiological Studies (WHO-CRES) Project
o Guidelines for chest radiographs on patients under 5-years for the purposes of epidemiological studies in developing countries
o Development of instructional videos in collaboration with The Royal Children’s Hospital on the methodology of chest X-rays for patients under 5-years to be available for all radiographers
o Provide expert advice and review of sample images for projects implementing the guidelines
o Literature reviews for best practice guidelines on various factors affecting image quality
o Communication with multi-disciplinary groups to obtain appropriate information for the guidelines
o Regular face-to-face and video conference meetings with project members
o Regular reporting to primary investigators
2013, 2015, 2019 Paediatric Radiographer Consultant World Health Organisation

➢ Paediatric Radiographer Consultant (via World Health Organisation (WHO) & Murdoch Children’s Research Institute (MCRI))
o Observation of current paediatric imaging practice in both Mongolia & Laos for assistance in a Pneumonia Conjugate Vaccine project
Mongolia September 2013, June 2015, June 2019
Laos February 2014
o Education of radiology staff in each country on paediatric radiographic imaging and image interpretation
o Reporting to WHO & MCRI on observations and providing recommendations for improvement on imaging standards
o Follow-up visit to Mongolia June 2015 to assess impact of recommendations and to provide further assistance to meet the needs of the project.
o Repeat visit to Mongolia June 2019 to troubleshoot technical issues at each site and provide further education in paediatric imaging and image interpretation
February 2011 – 2018 Sessional Lecturer and Subject Co-ordinator Monash University

➢ Development of elective paediatric subject for 4th year Medical Imaging students
o Researching and applying best practice paediatric imaging methods to the curriculum
o Subject supervisor and assessor
o Leading tutorials for students
o Mentoring students conducting paediatric literature reviews

August – October 2005 Chief Radiographer Maryborough and District Hospital

➢ Sole radiographer in department, requiring self-reflection and critical evaluation
➢ General and emergency x-ray of patients
➢ Department administration to further improve quality of patient care and quality assurance
➢ Monthly meetings with heads of departments with a strong emphasis on occupational health and safety
➢ Fluoroscopy of patients

Additional Radiography Work
➢ Alfred Hospital
o January 2009
➢ Western Medical Imaging (WMI), Sunbury
o October 2005 – January 2007
➢ Queen Alexandra Hospital, Portsmouth, United Kingdom
o January 2005 – May 2005
➢ Box Hill Hospital
o June 2003 – November 2004
➢ Medical Imaging Australia (MIA), John Fawkner Hospital
o January 2003 – June 2003
➢ St Vincent’s Hospital, Melbourne – Intern Placement
o January 2002 – January 2003
o Included 3 month rotation to Goulburn Valley Health

Teaching January 2008-June 2009 Science and Physics Teacher Presentation College Windsor
➢ Year 11 Physics
➢ Year 8-10 Science
➢ Year 9 Mathematics
➢ Year 9 Homeroom Teacher
➢ Organised and led a Year 11 Physics excursion to Box Hill Hospital Radiology for medical physics detailed study
➢ Constructed units of work in Year 11 Physics units
➢ Organised and led VCE Physics Flight Camp in Benalla, Victoria
➢ Participation in Year 9 Camp, pastoral care program, Year 9 Public Transport Challenge 2007 Science Teacher Ivanhoe Girls’ Grammar School
➢ Year 7 and 9 Science
➢ Year 10 Physics
➢ Year 9 Form Tutor
➢ Organised and led Year 11 Physics excursion to St Vincent’s Hospital Radiology for medical physics unit.
➢ Constructed units of work for use by entire science teaching staff
➢ VCE Physics flight camp, Benalla
➢ Year 12 physics excursion to Luna Park for motion unit.
➢ Leave replacement teacher for year 12 physics
➢ Participation in Year 9 Outdoor Education Camp, driver education, house sports days, pastoral care program, Interactive Whiteboard Working Group
➢ Use of Pasco Data Studio software
➢ “Appreciating X-ray Beam Geometry and Clinical Applications for Using Tube Angulation”
o Radiologic Technology – 93(3):323M-328M, 2022 January/February
o Co-author
➢ “Preliminary report from the World Health Organisation Chest Radiography in Epidemiological Studies project”
o Pediatric Radiology – 47(11):1339-1404, 2017 October
o Co-author
Academic Achievements
➢ Australian Society for Medical Imaging and Radiation Therapy (ASMIRT) Medical Radiation Science Clinical Educators Forum – September 2022
o Presenter
➢ Australian Society for Medical Imaging and Radiation Therapy (ASMIRT) National Conference – May 2022
o Presenter & session chair
➢ Australian Society for Medical Imaging and Radiation Therapy (ASMIRT) National Conference – “Revision 2021” – June 2021
o Medical Imaging Scientific Chair
➢ Australian Society for Medical Imaging and Radiation Therapy Victorian Branch Continuing Education Committee Seminar – “Cardiothoracics” – October 3rd 2020
o Session chair
➢ Radiology Across Borders Paediatric Webinar – April 2020
o Presenter
➢ Australian Society for Medical Imaging and Radiation Therapy Winter Education Weekend 2019 – Wangaratta, Victoria
o Organising committee member
➢ Australian Society for Medical Imaging and Radiation Therapy Winter Education Weekend 2018 – Upwey, Victoria
o Organising committee member
➢ European Congress of Radiology (ECR) 2018 – Vienna, Austria
o Presenter – “WHO Guidelines for Achieving High Quality CXRs in Epidemiological Studies”
➢ Australian Society for Medical Imaging and Radiation Therapy Winter Education Weekend 2017 – Ballarat, Victoria
o Presenter – “The Paediatric Chase”
➢ Australia & New Zealand Paediatric Imaging Conference (ANZPIC) 2016 – Adelaide, South Australia
o Presenter – “Education resources to support the reduction of radiation exposure to children from CT scans”
➢ Australian Society for Medical Imaging and Radiation Therapy Winter Education Weekend 2016 – Traralgon, Victoria
o Organising committee member
o Presenter – “Who wants to be a paediatric radiographer?”
➢ ASMIRT National Conference 2016 – Brisbane, Queensland
o Presenter – “Challenges in chest X-rays in paediatric patients in developing countries”
➢ Clinical Educators Forum – November 2015 – Westmead Hospital, Sydney, NSW
o Delegate
➢ Trauma Imaging Seminar – October 2015 – Frankston, Victoria
o Presenter – “Major Paediatric Trauma Imaging”
➢ Australian Institute of Radiography Winter Education Weekend 2015 – Bendigo, Victoria
o Presenter – ‘Bone Age Imaging Explained’
➢ ASMIRT National Conference – September 2014 – Melbourne, Victoria
o Delegate
o Adjudicator of e-posters
o Member of professional panel for student information
➢ Australian Institute of Radiography Winter Education Weekend 2014 – Beechworth, Victoria
o Presenter – ‘Tips and tricks in Paediatric Radiography’
➢ ASMMIRT Medical Imaging Conference –March 2013 – Hobart, Tasmania
o Presenter – ‘Utilizing Beam Angles to Limit Patient Dose’
➢ Australia & New Zealand Paediatric Imaging Conference (ANZPIC) – October 2012
o Royal Children’s Hospital, Melbourne
o Conference Convenor
o Presenter – ‘Paediatric Imaging – Are we failing our children?’
➢ ASMMIRT Medical Imaging Conference April 2012 – Sydney, NSW
o Delegate
➢ Annual Scientific Meeting of the Society of Paediatric Radiologists (ASMSPR) October 2011
o Margaret River, Western Australia
o Poster – ‘The Validity of the Shunt Series for Patients with Ventriculo-Peritoneal Shunts – A Retrospective Analysis’
➢ Canadian Paediatric Medical Imaging Department Visit – July 2010
o Alberta Children’s Hospital, Calgary, Canada
o Department Tour
o Presentation – Paediatric Medical Imaging in Australia
➢ Australia & New Zealand Paediatric Imaging Conference (ANZPIC) – May 2010
o Princess Margaret Hospital, Perth
o Delegate
Professional Membership
➢ ASMIRT – Victorian Continuing Education Committee (CEC)
o Member (since 2017)
o Chair (since 2021)
➢ ASMIRT – Global Medical Radiation Professions Reference Group (GMRPRG)
o Chair (since 2020)
➢ ASMIRT – Victorian Branch Committee
o Member (2013-2019)
➢ Medical Imaging Clinical Tutor (MICT) Group
➢ Australian Medical Imaging Clinical Educator (AUSMICE) Group