The IIRRT had an extremely busy 2023 with our council and staff collaborating with multiple stakeholders and advocating for our profession across multiple national and

international platforms. In addition to this work, the IIRRT have had a successful year providing a host of opportunities for our profession to engage in professional development.

Student members

University College Cork and University College Dublin are providing membership for their undergraduate and postgraduate radiography and radiation therapy students to the professional body. All Irish Universities are represented on the student subcommittee with two student representatives on the main council. The IIRRT is proud to provide educational resources and support for students.

CPD (Continued Professional Development)

The IIRRT strives to make CPD easily accessible to our members by providing multiple CPD

opportunities for members. Lunchtime learning webinars take place every month. This free event for members has high attendance with departments facilitating the online attendance of learning during the working day. We also provide Saturday morning radiography CPD events, radiation therapy evening CPD events and four-week courses in video fluoroscopy swallow studies. Over thirty events are run throughout the year.

Radiographers watching the CPD event in the workplace.

HSCP Funding

The role of the HSE National Health and Social Care Professions Office is to “strategically lead and support HSCPs to maximise their potential and achieve the greatest impact for the design, planning, management and delivery of people-centred, integrated care” (HSCP Deliver, A Strategic Guidance Framework for Health and Social Care Professionals 2021-2026). The IIRRT Council, facilitated by Sinead O’Sullivan (IIRRT CPD Officer) continually work with the HSCP Office to secure funding annually for CPD events such as webinars and study days for Radiographers and Radiation Therapists. A new national campaign to support HSCPs has introduced the funding of specificpost-graduate opportunities. Many of our members have benefited from this funding to attend specific courses aligned with their role in the workplace.

Lead protection leaflet and poster

In 2021, the IIRRT hosted the World ISRRT Congress online. A debate on the use of lead shielding for patients allowed for both sides of this argument to be debated. Since then, the IIRRT have been working towards standardising practices within Ireland. Council members with the Irish Association of Physicists in Medicine (IAPM) have produced a joint position paper on international guidelines on the use of patient contact radiation shielding. Following on from this, council members have also worked in collaboration with the IAPM to produce information leaflets and a poster for departments to explain the position paper and what it means in practice. This is to allow the information to be available for patients within Radiology departments in Ireland and to facilitate conversation around this change of practice.


The IIRRT Council represents Radiographers and Radiation Therapists at a national and international level on new and well-established working groups.

A sample of national representation:

National: National Radiation Protection Committee; National Working Group for the administration of IV medicines for healthcare professionals; Nurse Referrer group; Workforce planning steering groups; National Radiography Review; National Radiation Therapy Review, HIQA Expert Advisory Groups (EAG), Medical Exposure to Ionising Radiation EAG; Clinical Audit EAG; Ultrasound screening for DDHin infants EAG,National Health and Social Care Professional Office,Professional Development in Advanced Practice HSCP working group; Critical care working group.

A sample of international representation:

The European Federation of Radiographer Societies (EFRS), European Society Radiation Oncology (ESTRO) and World Partner Network Professional bodies such as the IIRRT who have affiliated themselves with the BIR become part of their “world partner network” community.

Best Practice Guidelines

Best practice guidelines for members on different areas of clinical practice for both radiography and radiation therapy are constantly being updated by editorial committees and co-ordinated by Áine Donovan in her role as Executive Support Officer. The general radiography and MRI guidelines have been published recently with other guidelines due for publication in the coming weeks. All previously published guidelines continue to be updated. The IIRRT strives to publishfirst-edition guidelines on newly emerging topics i.e. RTT MRI planning guidelines.

Annual Conference

The 25th IIRRT annual conference will take place on 27th April 2024 in the Radisson Blu Hotel, Cork. Radiographers and Radiation Therapists across the island of Ireland will travel to attend this in-person event. It is an opportunity to learn about new developments in the country and network with other members of the profession. The morning session will include topics on open disclosure and artificial intelligence while the afternoon session will concentrate on advanced practice for both disciplines.

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