APIMR and VP Training reach agreement for educational promotional pack

APIMR reached an agreement with VP Training for a pack of courses related to Radiology/Medical Imaging.

This package includes a set of diversified and unusual training, which can contribute to curricular enrichment and continuous professional training. Purchasing the course pack can represent a saving of 73 euros, rather than purchasing the courses separately.

There are 44 hours of training, which you can do at your own pace, in the comfort of your home, asynchronously, for 3 months, with diploma, evaluation (0 to 100) and with DGERT certification.

These courses can also be included as education expenses and can be deducted from IRS and 30% of their value can be refunded.

In addition, by entering the code APIMR2023, you get an additional discount of 5 eur on this Course Pack.

More information at this link: https://vpformacao.com/curso/pack-de-cursos-radiologia/

Lectures Cycle – APIMR /NNE IMR

APIMR collaborated with the National Nucleus of IMR Students and promoted a cycle of lectures via Zoom on topics of interest to both students and professionals.

These events were free of charge for associate members and was given a diploma of participation at the end of the event.

One of the themes of these webinars was“Radiation Management Tools supporting the Radiologic Protection Supervisor”, and was given by the Siemens application specialist Cláudio Pereira.

 On June29th took place another lecture, this time with the Nuclear Medicine Techologist Marta Coelho, who talked about the theme “Clinical Apllications of PET-CT”. On this lecture attended 90 Participants.

The next lecture took place on November25th. The theme of this lecture was MRI Contributions in the Abdominal Vascular Pathology with the Radiographer Ricardo Grunho. 140 participants attended this lecture.

APIMR had several meetings with government representatives

On the 11th of July, the National Board of APIMR met with the Executive Board of the SNS, in a joint meeting with ATARP.
The main focus of the meeting was the creation of the new ULS – Local Health Units, and its concern, with the strategy to be adopted in the articulation of hospital care with primary health care, and therefore more focused on Radiology Technicians.

Another collaboration is with the SPMS (Shared Services of The Health Ministry) where APIMR, after being invited by the SPMS, has been giving its contributions in successive meetings aiming at greater visibility and autonomy of professionals in the areas of Medical Imaging and Radiotherapy.

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