Dear ISRRT Society members,

November 8th is an important day to all radiographers worldwide and am excited to share World Radiography Day with all our members, member societies and stakeholders. Traditionally, radiographers use this day to celebrate our profession and take the opportunity to raise public awareness of how imaging and radiation therapy procedures play an important role in healthcare. Part of the ISRRT Strategic priorities is to empower our member societies and Collaborate with Stakeholders to contribute and promote professional practice. This year the ISRRT Board of Management is launching two projects for World Radiography Day that will help Societies be empowered and contribute to the elevation of professional practice.

We have great leadership representing you on the ISRRT Board of Management and I am proud to announce that our Director of Education, Alain Cromp and   CEO Dimitris Katsifarakis developed a plan to create a special edition book that would show case education and safety culture for the radiographer’s role in our profession. This year’s theme was chosen to raise awareness, help educate and shape the perception on the important role that Radiographer /Radiologic Technologist’s play in maintaining Safety Culture in daily practice.  I am thrilled to share this special addition of World Radiography Day, “Your Safety, Our Priority”, ISRRT collaborated with ISRRT Member Experts, ISRRT Member Societies, and Regional Stakeholders to create this special addition highlighting radiographer’s crucial role in helping promote and maintain safety culture. The ISRRT hopes that this educational material will demonstrate the high educational and professional standards Radiographers/Radiologist Technologists live by each day and help strengthen the safety culture worldwide.

You will find your downloadable version or flip chart version on the ISRRT website under the communication tab, World Radiography Day, Special edition. Please take time to use this educational information and to celebrate World Radiography Day.

Because the ISRRT values their collaboration with their regional partners and stakeholders, we want to personally thank the European Federation of Radiographers Societies (EFRS) and the European Society of Radiology (ESR) for contributing to our special edition book on Safety Culture.
The ISRRT also wants to recognize the International Day of Radiology and has collaborated with the IDOR Theme of Sports Medicine. Our council member from the Philippines, Peachy Luna helped create one of the chapters in this edition. The ESR created this book to raise awareness   in which the healthcare teams play in the management of sports injuries and in health care in general.

Finally, I want to share with you our exciting news that we are launching our e-learning platform where radiographers can register for educational modules and test their knowledge. I have to thank our Director of Education Yudthaphon Vichianin and our CEO Dimitris Katsifarakis for developing and creating the platform for our educational modules. A special thank you to our member society’s experts and the ISRRT board members for contributing to the first educational modules. You will find the e-learning platform on the ISRRT website. Just take the time to register and create a password. You will then have full access to this free educational material.
We hope this this new tradition of educational material for your use will help Empower societies and contribute to elevating professional Practice.

Donna Newman,
ISRRT President

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