Dear ISRRT Members,

Happy World Radiography Day and thank-you to all our members for all that you do in serving your patients. When your country is celebrating on Nov 8th, 2022 the ISRRT celebrates and recognizes your knowledge, skills, expertise and care that you take every day in your efforts to support your patients as frontline healthcare professionals.

The World Radiography Day theme, “Radiographers at the Forefront of Patient Safety”, highlights the role that radiographers/ radiological technologists play in promoting and maintaining radiation safety and general patient safety in all aspects of the patient journey.   Your work matters and we thank you for the care you give to patients every day.

Check out the ISRRT World Radiography Day poster on our website at and download for your use in our celebrations. This day was created to mark the anniversary of the discovery of x-rays by Wilhelm Roentgen in 1895. As radiographers worldwide, we use this day to celebrate and create public awareness about diagnostic imaging and radiation therapy and to promote the radiographers’ vital role as part of the healthcare team and specifically this year celebrating the frontline role, we play in patient safety.

Radiographers/ Radiological Technologists play a crucial role in applying their protocols and procedures ensuring safe practice not only in radiation but also other areas of our engagement with patients. Radiographers /Radiological Technologists use their high educational and professional standards to live out each day which contributes greatly to strengthening radiation safety and the general safety of patient care worldwide.

As members of the ISRRT global organization we are committed to our mission to improve the delivery of healthcare to people around the world by promoting quality patient care, education and research. As members we embrace our core values:  Promoting professionalism and integrity and bringing excellence and compassion in the delivery of medical imaging and radiation therapy for the patient.  Each of us will have an opportunity to celebrate ourselves and communicate what we do for patients through the vital role we play as radiographers/radiological technologists in patient safety on November 8th.

How will each of you celebrate World Radiography Day? As your ISRRT president I will be celebrating with my staff at my hospital as a frontline Healthcare professional caring for our patients and ensuring safe practice during our procedures. I will also be joining the ISRRT Facebook live session on Nov 6th at 7am Central Chicago time celebrating “Radiographers at the Forefront of Patient Safety”. Please join us and celebrate World Radiography Day!
Please take time to download ISRRT World Radiography poster ‘Radiographers at the Forefront of Patient Safety’ and use it during your celebrations on Nov 8th. Share a picture of you celebrating ‘World Radiography Day’ and send them to us so ISRRT can celebrate with our members on our ISRRT Facebook page.

Also take some pictures and send us a short paragraph to share with the ISRRT about how you celebrated this important day. We will publish these in the December issue of News and Views. Please email your pictures and writeup to or
Looking forward to seeing how our members help celebrated this special day.

Donna Newman B.A. RT (R) CNMT PET F.A.S.R.T. ISRRT President

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