Dear ISRRT Members,

The ISRRT has chosen this year’s theme for World Radiography day as “PRECISION AND COMPASION; RADIOGRAPHERS’ QUALITIES.” Check our poster on our website at and download the poster for your use in celebrating.This day was created to mark the anniversary of the discovery of x-ray’s by Wilhelm Roentgen in 1895. As radiographers worldwide, we use this day to celebrate and create public awareness about diagnostic imaging and radiation therapy and to promote the vital role radiographers play in radiation protection of our patients.

As professionals, we make a difference because we understand the cornerstone of the principle of radiation protection for our patients asJustification and Optimization.In our everyday workenvironment,we understand that the imaging team is the Radiographer, Radiologist and Medical Physicist and that we all have a vital role to play in dose reduction and radiation safety for our patients. Also, as radiographers we know that the team approach to Justification and Optimization is how our patients have the best success with their care. The radiographer’s qualities for precision and compassion during the patients visit contribute to the team approach and ensure that the principle of radiation protection is in place.
As members of the ISRRT Global organization we are also committed to our mission to improve the delivery of healthcare to people around the world by promoting quality patient care, education and research. As members we embrace our core values:  Promoting Professionalismand Integrity and bringingexcellence and compassion in the delivery of medical imaging and radiation therapy for the patient.

Each of us have an opportunity to celebrate ourselves and what we do for patients throughour Precision and Compassion on November 8th. How will each of you celebrate World Radiography Day? As your ISRRT president I will be celebrating with some currentand former ISRRT board members at the 26th National academic Congress for Chinese Society of Imaging Technology which is being held in Beijing, China. Several ISRRT current and past board members have been invited to be speakers in their congress. We will be presenting about the important role radiographers have in the delivery of health care. I will be sharing about the importance that radiographer’s precision and compassion have in the delivery of health care.  I am also excited to share knowledge about our ISRRT global initiative on radiation safety.
Please take time to download ISRRT World Radiography poster” Precision and Compassion Radiographers Qualities” and use it during your celebrations on Nov 8th.  Take some pictures and send us a short paragraph toshare with the ISRRT about how our members celebrated this important day. We will publish these in this issue of News and Views. Please email your pictures and write up to or Looking forward to seeing how our members help celebrate .

Donna Newman B.A. RT (R) CNMT F.A.S.R.T. ISRRT President

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