News from the Director of Professional Practice

Following the publication of the August edition of News and Views a lot has been happening behind the scenes in terms of Professional practice matters.

I am pleased to report that though the ISRRT network of experts that we have given feedback to the International Commission on radiological Protection (ICRP) consultation document on the‘Use of Effective Dose as a Radiological Protection Quantity’.
Two other consultation documents.

Radiological Protection in Therapy with Radiopharmaceuticals and  Dose Coefficients for External Exposures to Environmental Sources have also been circulated to the Professional Practice team and other colleagues for comment so that we can speak as one voice for radiographers and radiological technologists across the world.

These documents can be found at and I welcome feedback if you have any comments to make. Please send them directly to me at

I can also report that ICRP has just published ICRP Publication 135 – Diagnostic reference Levels (DRLs) in Medical Imaging. This is very interesting and information publication as ISRRT is currently developing a Position Statement on DRLs which will soon be going out to Council members for consultation.
Lastly, I am pleased to say that the two position statements listed below mentioned in the August newsletter, after further feedback from Council members, have been finalised and will shortly be available on the ISRRT Website: –
1.    Radiographers/Radiological TechnologistsRole in Quality Assurance and Quality Control as a Team Approach.
2.    The Prescribing, Identifying, Supplying, Preparing, and/or Administration of Medication to Patients by Radiographers/Radiological Technologists.

The Professional Practice Team is eager to hear of developments in the Regions and appreciate input from all member organisations and colleagues.

Stewart Whitley, August 2018

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