Dear  ISRRT Members Societies and ISRRT Council Members,

It is my pleasure to invite you all to participate in the ISRRT’s campaign of “Keep the next generation in radiography a non-smoking profession” This campaign is part of the ISRRT supporting the WHO’s framework convention on the tobacco control (WHO FCTC).

In 2020, more than More than 200 people from around the world engaged in this annual activity during last week of May while more than 3000 people reached on ISRRT’s post of this non-smoking profession activity.

As a result, in 2021, I would like to cordially invite all friends in our profession to participate on our Facebook campaign (see attached sample photo from last year activity).

During May 28th – 31th, just post a photo of yourself with the 2021 campaign poster (downloadable from  and include two hashtags #ISRRT and #ISRRTNONSMOKE on your post message. That is it!

You can also observe this activity momentum by searching on Facebook search-box using those hashtags (#ISRRT or #ISRRTNONSMOKE) to see our friends around the world joining the activity.

I hope that you would consider participating in this ISRRT activity.

Warmest regards,

Yudthaphon Vichianin. Ph.D.
ISRRT’s Director of Education

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