Artificial Intelligence and the Radiographer / Radiological Technologist Profession

Artificial Intelligence and the Radiographer / Radiological Technologist Profession

In 2019, the ISRRT and the EFRS established a joint working group with the specific objectives:

•    To undertake a comprehensive review of the published evidence related to artificial intelligence (AI) and radiographers / radiologic technologists.
•    To produce a joint statement to provide radiographers / radiologic technologists with guidance on key aspects of AI and our profession to allow radiographers / radiologic technologists to embrace opportunities, address challenges, and the continuing importance of our professional roles.

We are pleased to now confirm the publication of this joint statement as a Guest Editorial in the Radiography journal, the official journal of the EFRS and the number one ranked journal for our profession. This ISRRT-EFRS joint statement sets out the position of both organisations in terms of AI and our profession. It offers some guidance for national societies, healthcare providers, education providers, regulators, and individuals.

The full citation for the joint statement is:

International Society of Radiographers and Radiological Technologists, European Federation of Radiographer Societies. Artificial Intelligence and the Radiographer/Radiological Technologist Profession: A joint statement of the ISRRT the EFRS. Radiography, 2020; 26(2): 93-5.

The full published journal article can be freely accessed here:

A  downloadable version of the document with a cover page can also be accessed at under  Professional Practice ,  AI  sub tab and at under the publication tabs. We hope that our members will help to further disseminate this information to our members.

The ISRRT and EFRS would like to thank the members of the working group, co-chaired by Dr. Nick Woznitza (EFRS / UK) and Håkon Hjemly (ISRRT / NO). The working group comprises:  Dr. Nick Woznitza (EFRS), Håkon Hjemly (ISRRT),     Prof. Maryann Hardy (EFRS), Lars Henriksen (ISRRT), Dr. Sundaran Kada (EFRS), Dr. Naoki Kodama (ISRRT), Dr. John Stowe (EFRS), and Dr. Yudthaphon Vichianin (ISRRT). These individuals are now working on the second phase of this initiative.

The EFRS and ISRRT will have a joint workshop on Artificial Intelligence and the Radiographer Profession at ECR 2020.

Donna Newman, President, ISRRT
Jonathon McNulty, President, EFRS

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