ISRRT CT Webinar: CT Examination during the pandemic COVID19
by: Efthimios Tim Agadakos – Regional Director Europe ISRRT

Evidently radiographers / radiological technologists have a key role in preserving an operational medical imaging department during the pandemic. Particularly, when recent evidence suggests that chest CT is essential for assessing CT manifestations which may be associated with the progression of the infection. Radiographers/radiological are the health professionals performing such examinations well within the safety distance and hence must be well prepared and equipped with appropriate PPE and practical working guidelines, in order to stay safe and safeguard the community and healthcare services.

The contents of this e learning course include a recorded webinar, current evidence and useful resources for further reading. It has been developed based on current evidence and the general guidelines produced by WHO, CDC and ECDC grouped with the ISRRT Response Document for Covid 19. Furthermore, the author who has over 25 years of CT clinical experience and instruction anticipates that participants will acquire, embrace, apply and communicate the recommended infection control measures and practical guidelines in their working environment.

Ultimately a sense of security and safety will extend among colleagues working in CT during these challenging times. Participants who succeed on the MCQ will receive a certificate of completion.

The course can be accessed on


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