Bo R.Mussmann, Radiographer, PhD, Denmark
Project: Ultra low dose computed tomography in paediatric urolithiasis

Bo R. Mussmann is a research radiographer at dept. of Radiology/Radiology Research Unit, Odense University Hospital, DK and Postdoc at Department of Clinical Research, University of Southern Denmark.
He has broad clinical experience from Denmark and Norway where he worked within musculoskeletal radiology, CT and intervention. He also worked many years as a senior lecturer at the School of Radiography in Odense, DK and moved into research in 2011. His research pivots around pediatric radiology and CT, especially dual-energy CT with 7 peer reviewed papers and 17 conference abstracts and proceedings.
Bo also works with developmental projects and currently, Bo and his colleagues are establishing a radiology intervention outpatient clinic for CT- and US-guided interventions at Odense University Hospital. The project was presented at the ISRRT World Congress in Trinidad & Tobago.

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