November 5,2020

Dear Council members, Member Society Presidents and Associate Members,

As the ISRRT president, I am thrilled to announce the Danish Council of Radiographers (DCR) is the winning bid for the ISRRT 2024 World Congress.

The ISRRT Board received several good and reliable bids from our member societies. ISRRT meet via a WebEx (virtual) Board meeting to review the proposed documents/material and video presentations of the bidding Societies. We are thankful for all the great bids we came a decision to award the bid to the Danish society

We wish to the winning Danish Council of radiographers (DCR) society a successful 2024 ISRRT World Congress.

ISRRT Board of Management would like to thanks all the Societies who spent time and effort to compile and submit their bids.

Donna Newman, ISRRT President

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