Travel support Fund terms

ISRRT Travel Support Fund for World Congress
General Guidelines and procedures


The development of a Travel Support Fund (TSF) was first initiated by Canadian Association of Medical Radiation Technologists (CAMRT) and piloted at the 2012 ISRRT World Congress and CAMRT) Annual General Conference to provide assistance to radiographers in lower- or middle-income countries to attend world congresses. 

Over the years more ISRRT Societies-members contributed generously to the TSF supporting Radiographers/RTs from low- and middle-income countries to attend an ISRRT World Congress. 

ISRRT also contributes a lump sum to maintain the TSF.

ISRRT is thankful to those Society-members who created the TSF in the past, and invites and encourages   ISRRT Society Members to participate and contribute to the continuousness of the  TSF.



The guidelines for the travel support are as below:

1.    The fund provides support for Radiographers/RTs to travel from their place of residence to the location of the world congress, at the cheapest airfare available, plus 180 Euros cash for ground transportation.  
2.    Applications  are limited to radiographers from lower and middle income countries, as defined by the World Bank  
3.    Any cost for Visa, accommodation and transportation (beyond the 180 Euros in cash mentioned above) as well as the Registration fees for the Congress should be covered by the receiver of the TFS. 
4.     Applications for travel support funding are restricted to   radiological technologists/radiographers (including general radiography, CT, mammography and interventional radiology), radiation therapists (including dosimetrists), nuclear medicine technologists, magnetic resonance imaging technologists and sonographers.
5.     Applicants  for   travel support funding can be an individual member of the ISRRT Society member country (low- and middle-income country), or an ISRRT Associate member . 

Applicants for the TSF  will be judged in accordance with the following criteria:- 
1. Membership of the ISRRT Council, representing a society that is up-to-date in its dues payment.
2. Level of leadership role in the professional society.
3. Submission of an abstract of an oral or poster presentation that will be provided at the Congress. Increased weight will be given to those making oral presentations.
4. A written proposal (about 250 words) of how the applicant will share the information learned at the Congress and how it will strengthen the society and the profession of medical radiation technology.
5. A commitment by the applicant to provide a brief report (about 1000 words), following the Congress, which explains how they shared the information they learned at the Congress.

  • Applicant acknowledges and accepts that ISRRT or the hosting the Congress society does not accepts or undertakes any responsibility for any accident or damage may happen to her/him during the total duration of the travel for and the duration of the ISRRT World Congress.

Applicants are expected to purchase travel insurance with their travel arrangements


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