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MRT Week/World Radiography Day Celebrations

Princess Margaret Hospital’s Radiation Medicine Program MRTs

 With arguably the greatest number of MRTs in the country working within one department, Princess Margaret Hospital’s Radiation Medicine Program’s MRTs would have no excuse not to celebrate MRT Week (celebrations in Canada that coincide with World Radiography Day) in a big way… but I would argue that each year we go above and beyond. This year was no exception.

Amongst other celebratory initiatives is a MRT Week Special Edition of RMP News – the newsletter distributed periodically to the oncologists, therapists, physicists, nurses, administrators, researchers, and educators and other stakeholders within the Radiation Medicine Program community at PMH. For the second year in a row, we’ve celebrated a small sample of the extraordinary contributions to patient care, clinical practice, research, education, and volunteerism that our MRTs have made in the past year. It’s not about the most impressive research accomplishment, the most time-consuming volunteer commitment, or the most state-of-the-art technological innovation, but instead it’s about the depth and breadth of the commitment of our MRTs to their profession, their field of expertise, and their patients. This edition of RMP News is a result of the hard work of the MRTs in the Radiation Therapy department at PMH Princess Margaret Hospital's MRT Week RMP News.pdf . MRT Week is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate them!

Happy Radiography day! Here in Lund we have had a visit from the president of the Nurses/Radiographers union in Sweden to talk about our profession. We are also having cake at coffee break today.
Greetings from SORRT India
 Our Society of Radiographers and Radiological Technologists (SORRT) India celebrated World Radiography Week on 30 th October 2010 in a Grand manner at Guru Xray and Scan Centre , Nagercoil, Kanykumari District. India.  About 150 Radiographers and students participated in that programme.  Mr.A.P.Berry , President SORRT, presided and inaugurated the function at 9.30 am. after the tea break Scientific session and Quiz programme were conducted by the organisors .  The programme was come to an end by national anthem at 4 pm. Participation certificates and prizes were issued to the winners of the quiz programme and those who presented papers.