ISRRT Position Statement:

The Supply, Preparation and Administration of Contrast Media to Patients by Radiographers/Radiological Technologists


The ISRRT considers the administration of contrast agents within the scope of practice for radiographers/radiological technologists subject to their demonstration of appropriate educational preparation leading to clinical competency where the administration of contrast agents is permissible by regulation/national law.



Radiographers/Radiological Technologists following their education and training will obtain a thorough understanding and knowledge of the identification, preparation, calculation, documentation, administration and patient monitoring related to the administration of contrast agents. Such education and training also includes knowledge of indications, contraindications, warnings, precautions, proper use and adverse reactions for the safe use of contrast agents.


Radiographers/Radiological Technologists should be competent following their education and training to observe patients for possible complications and adverse reactions following the administration of contrast agents and respond appropriately with agreed interventions to such complications in conjunction with other available staff including a physician.


All health care facility policies are developed to ensure that safety and quality is obtained to include both independent practices as well as hospital settings.


The ISRRT promotes the scope of practice for the administration of contrast agents by Radiographers/Radiological Technologists in the delivery of safe, cost-effective and high quality diagnostic imaging services.




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