Fifteen national societies formed the ISRRT in 1962. In 2016 it has grown to 96 member Societies representing 500,000 Radiographers and  Radiological Technologists


The ISRRT is a Non Governmental Organisation (NGO) in official relations with the United Nations.


The idea of an International Society was proposed at a meeting during the 1959 International Congress of Radiology held in Munich where 24 countries were represented. The objectives were to assist the education of radiographers and to support the development of medical radiation technology world wide. Membership would be open to any national society that included radiographers or radiological technologists within its membership.
By the time of the next World Congress in 1962, the Society was officially founded with Miss D. van Dijk of the Netherlands as the first President. Each of the 15 founder member societies nominated one person from its country to be their Council Member, thus forming the governing body of the International Society. Mr E.R. Hutchinson of the United Kingdom was appointed as the first Secretary General. Statutes were established and a Board of Management appointed.


During the early 1960's, Miss K.C. Clark, a radiographer of great international esteem, established a working party to concentrate on the needs for education and training, thus inaugurating the work of the Education Committee.

Above: Miss K.C. Clark

At the World Congress in 1965, the Board of Management founded the "World Radiography Educational Trust Fund" to assist projects of educational value. The fund is managed by an independent Board of Trustees and the "E.R. Hutchinson Book Fund" was created by the WRET in 1981.

Above: Mr E.R, Hutchinson

Official recognition as a Non-Governmental Organization in Official Relations with the of The United Nations was granted in 1967 in acknowledgement of the Society's work and its co-operation with the World Health Organization. As a result of this, the ISRRT is rostered with the ECOSC (Economic and Social Council) of the United Nations for appropriate meetings.

To promote further exchange of information, Regional Conferences were have been held in each of the three years between World Congresses from 1992 to 2001. since 1962. Commencing in 2002 a World Congress will be held once every two years. The important role of the ISRRT in education led to the first International Teachers Seminar being held in 1966. These Seminars and Workshops Conferences are organised as required, particularly in developing countries. parts of the world with held in countries nominated by the Council, and take place in the years between the World Congresses.

The official language of the ISRRT is English.


Above: excerpt taken from the report document produced for the World Congress in Rio in 1977

Initial Secretariat of the ISRRT

Above Lisa Falk, Scandinavia Above K C Clark, Australasia


Above: D van Dijk, Holland Above: K C Denley, UK


Above: excerpt taken from the report document produced for the World Congress in Rio in 1977


Above: excerpt taken from the report document produced for the World Congress in Rio in 1977


Above: excerpt taken from the report document produced for the World Congress in Rio in 1977


Past Presidents of the ISRRT



                                         Miss D van Dijk 1962



                                       Miss L Falk 1965





                                               Mr M V Allen 1969   






                                                                                                                             Mr K C Denley 1973



                                                                              Mr T J D West 1977                            



                                                Mr K Vauthilingam 1981 



                                           Mr G Ryan 1985  



                                                                                                                              Mr P Akpan 1989     



                                            Dr M Nakamura




                                     Mrs G van der Heide-Schoon 1998



                                      Dr T Goh 2002 







                                                                               Mr R George 2006            




                                       Dr M Ward  2010    




                                              Dr Fozy Peer 2014




Above: ISRRT Memorabilia



Above: 4th World Congress, Tokyo, 1969





Above: ISRRT Board 1994


Above: A joint Congress was held with the College of Radiographers in Eastbourne, Uk , Wed 6th June - Friday 8th June.This was also the 25th bithday of the ISRRT



Above: ISRRT Board and CEO, 2008 - 2010


Above: ISRRT Board and CEO, 2010 - 2014