ISRRT Achievements

 Since its inception in 1962, ISRRT, through it’s various Officers and with a great deal of volunteer help, has achieved a great deal across a wide range of areas.
Not the least of these is the growth of the Society, which now includes nearly 80 Member Societies representing over 300,000 technologists.
As the only International Society representing Medical Imaging Technologists, ISRRT has also established close relationships with many International Organisations.

International Affiliations


ISRRT is officially recognised as a Non-Government Organisation (NGO) by the World Health Organisation (WHO) with whom, ISRRT has jointly hosted many educational workshops and seminars on a range of topics including radiation safety and quality assurance in radiography. These have been presented in Africa, Europe and Central America. We also supported a recent WHO Centre of Excellence initiative in the Western Pacific.  The Society has also prepared teaching material and workbooks on these topics as well as basic equipment maintenance. We are part of the WHO Radiation Medicine working group.



The International Atomic Energy Agency together with ISRRT will be presenting a Workshop in Eastern Europe on radiation Protection



The International Society of Radiologists (ISR) has invited ISRRT to coordinate the technologists program at the last 4 International Congress of Radiology world meetings and to continue this involvement for the foreseeable future.


Above: ICR Pres. Dr Claude Manelfe, ISRRT Pres. Robert George,
             Dr Sbihi,Moroccan Society of Radiologist



Through the excellent work of the European officers, ISRRT has established an excellent relationship with the European Society of Radiologists and has been asked to co ordinate the technologists stream at the highly successful and well supported European Congress of Radiology Meeting.


The International Radiology Quality Network (IRQN) has been established to provide an international focus on quality assurance and quality control. ISRRT has been invited to be an important part of this Group.


Society Affiliations

ISRRT has established close ties with several National and International Radiology and Radiography Societies. This includes the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA), the International Radiation Protection Association (IRPA) and the International Society of Radiology.

Above: ASRT Headquarters, Alburquerque, USA. Mr L May, CEO, ASRT;
            Mrs P Johnson, Vice President, ISRRT; Mr S Yule, CEO, ISRRT



Above: Regional Committee Meeting of the Western Pacific Region of WHO
             Radiology Department Staff in Fiji


 Associate Membership

In 1992 Corporate Associate Membership was established. Approximately 7,500
individuals have become Associate Members to date and this number is growing.

Guidelines and recommendations

The ISRRT has produced several documents in conjunction with relevant specialists in their fields.
These documents, available for downloading from the ISRRT website include-

Workshops, Congresses                                                                                                

In response to identified needs, the Society has organised Workshops, Regional and World Congresses on a regular basis and has also arranged Seminars for teachers of medical radiation technology. Assistance has been obtained for many representatives from developing countries to participate in these activities, and the results of the seminars have been published for worldwide distribution.

 Above: RSNA Technical Exhibit area


The ISRRT Newsletter

The Newsletter of the Society, which is currently produced twice per year, is also now offered on the ISRRT website.
The Newsletter gives all Member Societies an opportunity to bring news of their activities to their colleagues around the World as well as
reporting on activities of ISRRT.


The Newsletter is partly sponsored by Agfa Gevaert


The ISRRT Website

The ISRRT initially established a website with volunteer help to better communicate with associate members and Member Societies. More recently, with support from the ELEKTA Corporation and with the Chief Executive Officer as webmaster, we have been able to revamp and streamline the presentation. The site includes a comprehensive calendar of International meetings related to the Profession, links to websites of interest and access to ISRRT documents as well as comprehensive information about the Society itself and it’s Member Societies. Copies of the Newsletter are also now available on the website.

The ISRRT website is sponsored by ELEKTA         


The World Radiography Educational Trust Fund                     


The World Radiography Educational Trust Fund (WRETF) was inaugurated under a Trust deed by the International Society of Radiographers and Radiological Technologists (ISRRT) in 1969. It was registered as a charity in the UK in1977. In 1992 the E.R Hutchinson book fund was incorporated into the WRETF.

The main objective of the charity is to improve education in the science and practice of Radiography and allied subjects throughout the world.

Emphasis is to provide help to hospital departments, schools of radiography or individuals whose need is greater than their financial possibilities.

The WRETF relies on corporate and individual donations to continue its work. Recent activities have been restricted by low income and low interest rates. The WRETF is independent of and receives no financial support from the ISRRT, but works in cooperation with the Society.