ISRRT Radiography Education Framwork

(please read the full document as a pdf at the end of the preface) 
The  first draft of this document was distributed to the ISRRT Board and was revised based on the feedback received from the ISRRT Board members. This second draft of the document was further developed by the Director of Education in collaboration with the four education coordinators following feedback from the Sub Committee and Board of the ISRRT. Through extensive consultation it was decided that Stage One of this project would be the development of a framework against which education programs could benchmark their own specific program. The framework has been designed to include criteria for benchmarking or assessing whether an individual program is consistent with the ISRRT framework and criteria.
This document is designed for diagnostic radiography education with the intent that later similar documents be developed for the other medical imaging and medical radiations programs represented by ISRRT. This framework document can be used for undergraduate entry programs but can also be used for graduate entry programs where the student has undergone previous education at the undergraduate level. The key is whether the combination of both programs meet the national requirements for entry to practice . Information about prerequisite education to allow for entry into the graduate program should constitute part of this document (see section1.8)
It should be noted that although this is a framework document and not an accreditation document, it has been designed in such a way that it can be readily translated into an accreditation template at a future time.

Radiography Education Framework 2014