Campaign 2020

Stop Smoking


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June 1,2020

Dear ISRRT member society, Radiology education program director and student, and associate member,

As the ISRRT President I want to take this moment to say thank to each of you for contributing to the success of the ISRRT -WHO Framework Convention Tobacco Control Project (WHO-FCTC) campaign on May 31.

As I reflect on the different post, I viewed from around the world the word that come to my mind is outstanding. We asked you our members to contribute to the movement to create a tobacco-free profession for the benefit of all. I couldn’t be more pleased and excited see educator’s, program directors and student participation.  Know that you are inspiring and motivating and truly contributing to the educate and mentoring our next generation of radiographers. You are leading by example demonstrating to radiography students that by becoming involved they will impact and change the profession. Your video’s and post in support of our campaign were both inspiring and impactful.

ISRRT member societies, the success of the campaign really stems from you and your dedication to communicate educate and help with public awareness on this important message in each of your countries throughout the world. The amount of professional reached was amazing and know that you have made a difference in the success of the ISRRT and WHO campaign by your participation.
Finally, Individual associate members and ISRRT members and hospital from around the world that showed true leadership by making a stand and supporting our campaign. Your pictures said 1000 words and showed people we all believe our next generation of radiographers should be a profession that is non-smoking.

Student radiographer and ISRRT members know that because of your involvement and taking time to post and contribute to our campaign as a global organization we have just influenced the use of tobacco and helped change some peoples mind about even staring to use tobacco. We have contributed to promoting a healthier lifestyle for our next generation of radiographers. Finally, we have creating change by making a stand in support of a non-smoking profession. This just might make the difference in many people’s lives, as ISRRT President and from the ISRRT Board of Management, thank you.

Donna Newman, ISRRT President