Benefits and Subscription area

Benefits of IAN Membership:

• Access to International Radiography Contacts/Resources for surveys and activities
• Increased visibility to individual’s University.
• Contribution to International Radiography research and Community.
• Presenting research.
• Access to Workshops and activities available to only IAN membership.
• Opportunity to participate in ISRRT World Congress IAN Main session.
• Opportunity for IAN members to serve on ISRRT Research Scholarship Award committee to choose Chesney Research Award Scholarship and other research awards.
• Privilege to publish in ISRRT News and Views and ISRRT Website.
• Supervision of research for IAN members.
• Access to Global Educators Network. 


ISRRT Board of Management Directives for possible areas for IAN activities:

       a. Collaboration and research
       b. Mentorship System for Educators and researchers
       c. Academy collaboration including Facility and Students
       d. Development of content and access to ISRRT E-learning


Initial Fee for IAN membership January 1, 2023 - December 31st, 2023:
 Low-income Countries =50 GBP
 Lower-middle-income Countries =100GBP
 Upper-middle-income Countries =150 GBP
 High-income Countries =200GBP
According to the world bank, please check the status of your country here: