Awardee 2010

Philippe Gerson Dian Van Dijk Award at the 2010 World congress

Philippe Gerson ISRRT Council member for the French Society from Paris France was awarded due to his tireless work in Africa since 1994. Philippe coordinated and participated in ISRRT workshops in many countries in Africa including Tanzania, Cameroon, Ivory Coast, Burkina Faso, and Gabon. Philippe also organized and participated in French Society workshops as well as Missions to Vietnam form 1999-2000. Also, in 2008 Philippe coordinated the Technologist program at ICR in Marrakech, Morocco on behalf of the ISRRT.

Marion Frank awarded the Dian Van Dijk Award at the 2010 World congress

Marion Frank who was a superintendent of Radiographer of the Middlesec Hospital, London and Principal of the Middlesex School of Radiography. She was a past President of SoR and received the OBE for services to radiography in the UK and throughout the world.  Marion Frank is known for fostering many overseas students during her time at Middlesex and still offer them accommodations more than 25 years later when they are traveling back to London. Her focus continues to be on the International aspects of radiography.

Marion is personally known for her activities over the years related to international education. Marion Frank is a past ISRRT board member and maintains an interest in all ISRRT activities.