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EP15: Role of Radiographers in Interventional Radiology safety; International Perspectives

EP14: The Radiologic Technologist Accepting the Challenges of Today’s Cath Lab


EP:12a “Updates on Covid-19 pandemic: what have we learned?


 Artificial Intelligence (AI) in radiography practice;


 Overview of the current status of artificial intelligence (AI) surrounding the field of radiological medical technology


 Role of Radiographers in MR Safety: International Perspectives


On the special day event initiated by the World Health Organisation (WHO), ISRRT hosted a webinar entitled

"Radiographers and Radiological Technologists Celebrating World Patient Safety Day"


MRI Safety


Role of Radiographers/RTs in Radiation Protection



Patient dose monitoring and management in clinical practice



 Episode 5, 
New Normal in radiography education during COVID 19 pandemic


 episode 4th: Quality Control of Radiological Equipment as a Role of Radiographers

3rd Radiographers are we really front liners during the COVID-19 pandemic



Role of Radiographers Covid19: Response to what the members need


Role of Radiographers Covid19: International perspectives


WHO MSG Radiology International day BERUMEN PEREZ