The Zimbabwean Radiographers   in the UK Group was founded by nine (9) Zimbabwean Radiographers on the 26th June 2005 at Lancaster Hall Hotel, London. It was formed in response to the difficult socio-economic problems in Zimbabwe resulting in acute shortage of resources. These problems have impacted negatively on service delivery, training and continuing professional development of Radiographers.

The purpose of the first meeting was to evaluate the current state of radiography services in Zimbabwe.In attendance were guest speakers Dr Marion Frank and Mr Allan Regisford.

Submissions from Zimbabwe highlighted the need for textbooks and other reference material for training schools and departments. The books in the libraries are now old and several editions out of date. Other challenges faced by radiographers in the departments were largely related to foreign currency shortages, which affect the procurement and maintenance of equipment.

Deliberations culminated in drafting Aims and Objectives of the group and formation of an action plan. It was unanimously agreed that central to improvement of radiographic services in Zimbabwe is the need to revive the Zimbabwean Society of Radiographers (ZSOR) whose major role is to champion the delivery of a high standard of Radiography.

An interim committee was set up and members assigned special roles.

The committee was tasked with recruiting members and steering

activities of the group.

Interim committee members were:

Agnes Maphosa -coordinator

Francina Dzora-secretary responsible for sourcing books

Admore Mafikeni and Mariana Chikamba-website development

Maureen Copley-responsible for communicating with the ZSOR.


MEETINGS were poorly attended but we resolved not to give up as we strongly feel there is a need to assist those who have remained at home if they are expected to deliver a good radiographic service to the nation.


Correspondence and meetings were held with the ZSOR, which had reformed. We agreed to pay subscription fees to the International Society of Radiographers and Radiological Technologists (ISRRT) on behalf of the ZSOR. Zimbabwean Radiographers will not be isolated from the international radiography world.

We have made links with the SOCIETY OF RADIOGRAPHERS (UK) (SOR)

Mrs Francina Dzora and Mrs Agnes Maphosa attended OPEN FORUM on "Skills and Reconstruction" on 16th September,2006 at the University of London Union. The forum was organised by the Britain Zimbabwe Society. Various UK based Zimbabwean organisations were represented and there were speakers on diverse topics.

Dr Stephen Munjanja , consultant Obstetrician at Harare Central Hospital and honorary lecturer at the University of Zimbabwe presented on the impact of skills drain on Health Services in Zimbabwe.

ZIMBABWE HEALTH TRAINING SUPPORT is a group of health professionals whose aim is to promote health training and education in Zimbabwe. We met some of their members at the Open Forum. At their invitation we attended a meeting on the 11th of November 2006.lt was agreed that as our aims and objectives clearly overlap we would maintain a partnership.


-We sourced some books from the WORLD RADIOGRAPHY EDUCATION TRUST FUND (WRETF), including the new K C Clarke. These were delivered to Parirenyatwa Hospital in December.

-Radiography Tutors at CARDIFF UNIVERSITY donated 80kg of used books, through Miss Linda Mutema, to Ministry of Health and Child Welfare .The ZHTS is talking to a Charity Organisation to freight the books for us.

-Marion Sossen is sourcing books on our behalf from friends and from Royal Free Hospital Library. She sends some of the books to Zimbabwe through a friend and given some of them to me.

-Dr Marion Frank is also collecting from friends.


- Francina Dzora has donated ultrasound books.

-ZHTS working with the British Medical Association(BMA) to purchase books for University of Zimbabwe (UZ) asked us to check the Radiology/Radiography book list. Linda Mutema sent a radiography book list.