Three ISRRT Board members appointed as independent advisors to WHO/IAEA working groups


It is extremely encouraging that three of our Board members have been selected to act as independent advisors/consultants to WHO and the IAEA. Donna Newman and Cynthia Cowling have both been asked to participate in producing a "Safety Guide on radiation protection in medicine" in May. Donna is in the group relating to  nuclear medicine (NM) whilst Cynthia is in the diagnostic imaging/ interventional radiology working group. The idea is that this radiographer should have knowledge and expertise on real/daily issues that health professionals have to face to ensure safe and appropriate use of radiation in diagnostic imaging (including digital radiology) as well as interventional radiology. She/he would provide the perspective of the radiographer/radiation technologist, and would help identify the key aspects to be addressed in the chapter of the safety guide focused on medical imaging, to support BSS implementation.

Above: Cynthia Cowling, ISRRT Director of Education

Above: Donna Newman, ISRRT Director of Professional Practice

Napapong has been invited to a member of the Advisory Group for the project STRENGTHENING JUSTIFICATION IN DIAGNOSTIC IMAGING FOR PATIENTS IN ASIA AND PACIFIC REGION. So far this group is composed by IAEA and WHO staff plus radiologists and medical physicists. It is therefore very important to have a representative of our profession also.

Above: Napapong Pongnapong, ISRRT Regional Director, ASsa/Australasia

The first meeting (“Kick-off meeting”) of this Advisory Group takes place in Vienna on 15th March, just after a Technical Meeting on Justification of Medical Exposures that will be held  also in Vienna on 12-14 March.

Stewart Whitley is attending the Technical Meeting on behalf of the ISRRT on 12th - 14th March..

Above: Stewart Whitley, ISRRT Treasurer