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ISRRT Organisational Structure
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ISRRT Board Members

Terry Ell, Napapong Pongnapang, Philippe Gerson, ,Tan Chek Wee, Boniface Yao, Maria Law, Alain Cromp, Stewart Whitley, Dimitris Katsafarakis,
Sitting. Donna Newman, Fozy Peer (President), Sandy Yule (CEO),
Jonathan Mazal





Regional and Council Meetings to be held Tuesday October 18th and Wednesday October 19th, 2016



Member Societies are asked to submit agenda items and/or motions to the Chief Executive Officer to be received no less than three months before the Council meeting. All items and motions should be received in the Head Office, 143 Bryn Pinwydden, Cardiff, CF23 7DG, Wales, United Kingdom, no later than Saturday July 16th 2016. These may be submitted electronically to

Please note that member societies must have paid their up to date annual fee in order to submit agenda items and take part in the voting procedure.


19th ISRRT World Congress in Seoul, Korea

October 20th to October 22nd 2016

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ISRRT Travel Support Fund

The decision date for this award has been revised to July 8th 2016.

Applicants will be informed as soon as possible after that date.

 ISRRT CEO Support Services


Interviews for the position of “ISRRT CEO Support Services” were held on Tuesday 31st May at the headquarters of the Society and College of Radiographers UK.

I am delighted to inform you that Mr Dimitris Katsifarakis has been appointed to this position and has accepted.

Mr Katsifarakis will take up position on January 1st 2017 and until that time Dr A Yule remains as CEO.


  Associate Members

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ISRRT Announcements

14th International Radiation Protection Association Conference (IRPA) in Cape Town, South Africa

Dr.Napapong Pongnapang, ISRRT Vice President for Asia and Australasia, represented the ISRRT during the 14th International Radiation Protection Association Conference (IRPA) in Cape Town, South Africa.
Dr Pongnapang took part in a Panel Session on "International Response to Bonn Call for Action". Members of the Panel included representatives from WHO, IAEA, IRPA, HERCA, NCRP and ISRRT.
Dr. Pongnapang presented the ISRRT initiatives in response to the Bonn Call for Action regarding roles of radiographers in "Justification and Optimisation of Medical Exposures", education in radiation protection and the promotion of the ISRRT "Strategic Research Agenda" for radiation protection in medicine. The ISRRT action plan following the Bonn Call for Action was promoted which highlights the important role of Radiographers and Radiological Technologists in continuing positively to the safe and effective use of radiation in medicine.
There were also presentations from invited speakers from different parts of the world who reported on the progress made with respect to patient safety initiatives following the Bonn Call for Action.

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ISRRT Chesney Research Award

Call for Grant Application 2016

Theme: “A Novel approach on optimisation and/or justification of Medical Exposures by radiographers for radiation protection and safety”

Now closed

Award decision will be announced in July 2016





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