Regional Co-ordinator for Education - The Americas

Dr Robin Hesler
















Regional Co-ordinator for Education - Africa

Hesta Friedrich-Nel





Regional Co-ordinator for Professional Practice - Africa

Elizabeth Balogun





Regional Co-ordinator for Public Relations -Africa

Ayodele Okhira



Regional Co-ordinator for Education - Asia/Australasia

Yudthaphon Vichiani










Regional Co-ordinator forEurope

Piret Vahtramae




Regional Co-Ordinator for Education - Europe

Ian Henderson FCR DCR(R) MSc PgCHE

Professional Lead for Diagnostic Radiography in the School of Health Sciences, Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen, UK. Formerly Principal Lecturer at London South Bank University and diagnostic radiographer at Dundee Royal Infirmary.

I work in a multi-disciplinary environment alongside a range of allied health professional groups including Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy and Nursing. I am responsible for the management and development of radiography provision within the School which includes our business interaction strategy, through which we operate an X-ray facility providing imaging services to external organisations. I also participate in cross School activities related to inter-professional education opportunities.

I have extensive curriculum development experience and over 20 years have developed or contributed to the development of programmes at postgraduate, undergraduate and foundation level. I have also managed programmes at these levels and been an external examiner on a range of courses in the UK. On behalf of the UK College of Radiographers I have been involved in approval processes for radiography courses in a number of other countries, including Malaysia, Dubai and Pakistan. Between 2008 and 2010 I participated in development of the European Masters Programme in Medical Imaging (EMPIMI).

From 2000 to 2010 I sat on the UK Society and College of Radiographers Council, serving as its President in 2002-3. I Chaired the College’s approvals and accreditation board until 2011, and currently sit on the College Board of Trustees. I also act as an assessor for the College and undertake course approvals on its behalf. In 2007 I co-chaired the joint College of Radiographers and Royal College of Radiologists, joint review of guidance on radiographic skill mix titled ‘Team Working in Departments of Clinical Radiology’ and I am a reviewer for the journal Radiography.

 My research interests are mainly in radiographic workforce development, including the support workforce, advanced and consultant practice. I am currently involved in a project examining the scope and implementation of advanced practice of radiographers in Scotland.



Regional Co-ordinator for Public Relations - The Americas

Sharon Wartenbee, RTR, BD, CDT

 Ms. Wartenbee is diagnostic radiologic technologist and bone densitometry technologist at McGreevy Clinic Avera in <st1:place w:st="on"><st1:city w:st="on">Sioux Falls, <st1:state w:st="on">SD.  With over thirty-five years of experience, she has credentials from the American Society of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT) in both radiology and bone densitometry.  She has also obtained bone density certification from the International Society for Clinical Densitometry (ISCD). Professionally, <st1:city w:st="on"><st1:place w:st="on">Sharon has held offices and chaired numerous committees in the local and state organizations where she continues to be actively involved working on legislative issues.   She was awarded “Life Membership” in the South Dakota State Society of Radiologic Technologists in 1996.
On the national level, <st1:city w:st="on"><st1:place w:st="on">Sharon has represented the American Society of Radiologic Technologists on various project groups, task forces, commissions, and committees. Currently, she is serving as the chairperson of the RT Advocacy Committee for Government Relations.  She is also serving on committees for ISCD and ARRT. <st1:city w:st="on"><st1:place w:st="on">Sharon is experienced as an educational meeting coordinator and has lectured locally, at state affiliates and national organizations.


Regional Co-ordinator for Professional Practice - Asia/Australasia

James Ho Namkoong



Regional Co-ordinator for Professional Practice - The Americas

Christopher Steelman



Regional Co-ordinator forEurope

Bodil Ancersson

Regional Co-ordinator for Asia/Australasia - Public Relations

Robert Shen






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