Fifteen national societies formed the ISRRT in 1962. In 2006 it has grown to over 85 member societies representing 500,000 radiographers and Technologists.


The ISRRT is a Non Govermental Organisation (NGO) in official relations with the United Nations.

The idea of an International Society was proposed at a meeting during the 1959 International Congress of Radiology held in Munich where 24 countries were represented. The objectives were to assist the education of radiographers and to support the development of medical radiation technology world wide. Membership would be open to any national society that included radiographers or radiological technologists within its membership.
By the time of the next World Congress in 1962, the Society was officially founded with Miss D. van Dijk of the Netherlands as the first President. Each of the 15 founder member societies nominated one person from its country to be their Council Member, thus forming the governing body of the International Society. Mr E.R. Hutchinson of the United Kingdom was appointed as the first Secretary General. Statutes were established and a Board of Management appointed. It was decided that the future pattern of activities would be focused on a World congress every 4 years, to coincide with the International Congress of Radiology.



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