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International Conference on Occupational Radiation Protection (ORP): Enhancing the Protection of Workers – Gaps, Challenges and Developments - Nine Action Items for Stakeholders to collaborate and focus Global attention

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The issue in brief

With the planned shutdown of the NRU reactor at Chalk River scheduled for 2016, there has been increased concern and media attention to the potential for isotope shortages in the short and medium term. As Technetium-99m (99mTc) is used in over 80% of nuclear medicine procedures - more than 30 - 40 million examinations worldwide yearly- this product is clearly crucial to the practice of nuclear medicine. Ongoing reliable supply of this critical isotope is under threat. According to a recent OECD report1, "Current global irradiation and processing capacity is predicted to be insufficient over the period analysed for reliable 99Mo/99mTc supply, even with all producers operating under normal conditions…"

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Above: Donna Newman, ISRRR Director of Professional Practice, Stewart Whitley, ISRRT Treasurer

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President Fozy Peer has set up a subcommittee from the ISRRT Board to formulate an ISRRT response to the Bonn call to Action.

The subcommittee comprising of Donna Newman, Alain Cromp and Stewart Whitley reviewed the ISRRT previous and current activities linked to the Bonn Call to Action as well as determining various suggested actions which are deemed necessary in the future when planning ISRRT activities.

Attached is the result of this exercise which will be discussed at the forthcoming ISSRT Board meeting January 2015 after which ISRRT priorities will be published.

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The World Radiography Education Trust Fund (WRETF) has changed its name to World Radiography Educational Trust Foundation as from 6th January 2015 on which date the UK Charity Commission gave formal approval. The WRETF Trustees feel that this change from the word Fund to Foundation better reflects who they are and what they do.



The RPoP website has been updated as follows:

  1. Read about the upcoming Technical Meeting on Justification of Medical Exposure
  2. Download the leaflet for patients undergoing diagnostic radiological examinations, now available in English, Arabic, Spanish and Italian!
  3. Read more about the worldwide campaign World Cancer Day

Please note that the majority of the RPOP website is now also accessible in Spanish language.


World Radiography Day 8th November 2011

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                                    ISRRT Board and CEO 2010 - 2014


RADIOGRAPHY as a Career - presentation available

If you wish a copy of the above presentation please email the Chief Executive Officer, Sandy Yule for further information.

"International Access to Learning" Pilot program
Philips collaborates withISRRT to simplify access to healthcare education. It is importantto note that these free educational programs are only offered to country association/society members of a society that is a member of the ISRRT.

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Expansion of the International Society of Radiographers and Radiological Technologists collaboration with Philips on diagnostic radiography e-learning project for developing countries worldwide.

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Image Gently Campaign

"Pause and Pulse in Pediatric Fluoroscopic Imaging"

New campaign to be launchd 14th February 2011


Posted - 2/16/2015